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72 years old
Amsterdam, New York
United States
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i love all kind of movies funny and sads,thrills,and some love storys and Stephen Kings movies

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mostly heavy metal,metallica,ozzy obourne,gun n rose 's,pink floyd,teve miller band,zz tops, all songs that have a meaning to it

not too many good ones .just like Stephen King. i read allmost all of them

i like to sew and crochet .i like to think of different blanket to make or crochet.i mostly make baby blanker.but once i made a 5 star blanket of yarn and i just seen it in a book and learn how to make the granny square over night

and most of all i love to spent time with my grand childern.i have three.2 boys corey 11 yrs ,brian jr. 5 yrs and 1 girl name johnna 10 yrs.

I am quite girl I don't talk to my family that well. I kind of stay to my selve.to I like to sew and crohet, and do some knitting for any one who has a baby in the family .I'm the one they ask to make a blankets .I love to do all that.I even had a web page put up 4yrs ago. and didn't get antwhere with it ,but I'm still going to try it agin someday
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i love to just sit and watch the birds fly about and play with each other .they know how to act with each other without any wars!!!!!

I hate poeple that think that they are always right and know everything .thats just turn me right off

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