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Looking for friends to communicate and enjoy life with.

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54 years old
St Paul, Minnesota
United States
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Action, thriller, adventures, comedy, romance and classical.

All genre except rap.

Traveling, watching sport shows, cooking and hanging out with friends.

I am a fun man to be with, hardworking, romantic, understand, single and never married, and a very responsible fellow.

Happy moment.


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03/19/2019 14:37:41

Everyone has the ability to make a difference in this world 

all you have to do is believe you have power to do so.

~ Unknown ~

03/18/2019 14:44:57

Every ceiling, when reached, becomes a floor. 

Every ending, leads to something more.

~ Unknown ~

03/17/2019 03:33:47

Image result for st patrick's day prayer

03/15/2019 14:18:31

They say everything happens for a reason. 

Sometimes it's not the reason you want, 

still it's something you can learn.

~ Wilson Kanadi ~

03/14/2019 09:30:05

Live life fast and young. 

Carry no regrets, no grudges and dont look back.

~ Unknown ~

03/13/2019 13:36:23

I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, 

but I am realistic enough to know that life 

is a complex matter. 

~ Walt Disney ~

03/12/2019 12:04:57

Being defeated is often temporary,

giving up makes it permanent.

~ Unknown ~

03/12/2019 01:35:50

hi friend i just wanted to say thank you all for your support comments when my Granny passed away. thank you so very much.

Since then everything is going well. i got a new laptop off of ebay a 15.4 acer with windows 7 on it and it works very well. the last on i got was a 14 inch with windows 7 but the activation key they sent me did'nt work so i lossed window 7 on it and i ended up puting lenix on there and it dose work but you can't downoad anything on it or watch videos on line. but you can surf the internet and watch youtube videos. with my new laptop i cand do all the above which works for me.

and for me desktop offic computer i got a new lcd monitor a hp 20 inch widesreen monitor which is working out just find. well that it for this home front .

I hope all is working out for you all. you have a nice day today with love your freind barbh58

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