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Cherokee and Proud

mem_normal2 OFFLINE
73 years old
River Falls, Wisconsin
United States
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Skins, Schindler's List, any old Walt Disney movies, good old days' westerns, drama's, Black Robe, Last of the Mohicans

pow wow music, Native American music, Stevie Rae Vaughn and other good blues, Motzart, old rock and roll, doo wop, meditative music any really where I can understand the words...abhor screamers and hip hop, most rap music

Cherokee Feast of Days.daily thoughts and things to live by, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, The Cherokees, Conversations with God, Panther in the Sky. I love a good mystery and read every Perry Mason story there was, and as a kid I read every Laura Ingalls Wilder story; an occasional MAD comic book

painting figurines, painting on glass, glass etching, jigsaw puzzles, reading, some gardening

Oh dear, every now and again, I wonder myself about myself! So far I have survived to 58 years, 11 months and 20 days...59 on Saturday, I refuse to grow up or grow 'old'..God Forbid. March 9th of this year I will have been drug free and sober for 29 years; which perhaps explain why my humor is bent.
I am disabled with a degenerative disk disease. I have shrunk about 1/2 inch in the last year. I believe in Spirits and Guides AND Jesus...evangelicals are continually trying to Save my Soul and think I practice devil worship...I worship the Creator...how much more do they want? I am proud of my Cherokee heritage and I am learning the language of my people. I laugh a lot, still a smart azz but there is a very deep side of me also. I have a great son, Erik, who is 36 and finding his way through the Universe, as are most of us. No grandkids, but, my boy friend makes up for this. Oh yeah, I believe in Faeries, Elves and other little people.
I love Life, I love people and I Love to help where Creator asks me to help.

Creator, all of nature, 0 - 4 year olds as they are pure and innocent and hysterically funny to watch grow. people with really demented/crazy humor, balloons, finger paints, pow-wows, my dog Cowboy,
Ren Fest.

nasty people, crabby people, negative people, people who try to shove the Bible down my throat, smog, bus farts, loud obnoxious people, really rigid closed minded people,

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