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Bob Welcomes All Loving Friends, Blessed Be

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68 years old
St. Peters, Missouri
United States
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I am a die hard fan of Silent Movies and the early movies from Charlie Chaplin, Marx Brothers, Abbott and Costello to Fantasy Movies of today. My Favorite All Time Movie is The Lord Of The Rings. I also like Science Fiction and Movies on the Paranormal.

I enjoy all music from Rock to Classical. I am a die hard Beatles fan but also listen to heavy metal and the new acid jazz as in the group Jamiroquai.

Ancient History is what I majored in when I was in college. I love anything on history, the latest book I have read is The Rise And Fall Of The Mayan Civilization. Also The Entire Ancient Text Of Hinduism of the Mahabharata. Love sitting an reading an entire cookbook at times. Also Fantasy books and I study any book on Witch Craft and the Ways of Wicca and Paganism.

Reading, Cooking, Wood Working and Being With My Computer Friends. Camping, hiking and fishing during the summer months.

Way to many to list. The Lord of The Rings is At The Top of The List Though.

For the way life is right now, I take care of my 93 year old mother and some day she will be gone. At that time in my life I want to travel and meet my loving friends that have become a part of my daily life. I want to swim in the ocean with an angel, dance in the streets with a beautiful red head I have never met, dine in Copenhagen with a beautiful blue eyed viking that is so in my heart and who ever may be added to my list when the time comes.

I am a Solitary Wicca and Proud Pagan, was in a coven years back and still in contact, I prefer to study my faith on my own. I practice the art of sharing love with all I come in contact with, meaning I try to make anyone I meet feel that they are special. All women are treated as if they are a goddess in which to me all women are a goddess. I am a divorced 57 year old male, with 3 grown sons and one grand child. my life has been blessed with beautiful friendships that are the most important thing in my life.

A smile from a woman is my biggest turn on, and to be told that I am loved from a friend, I melt every time. To play with my grandson Grady and to have my sons tell me I am loved and appreciated in there lives. To see my son on stage singing with his band. Getting a new tattoo, the feeling of the needles dripping fresh ink on my skin. The biggest turn on I have is my cooking, when ever I cook and have friends or family tell me how well they like what ever I cook from fresh Breads to Pastas, Barbcue to Cakes.

Anyone with a bad attitude, kids walking with there pants riding half way down exposing there butts is the biggest turn off I have, to me it is disrespectful. Also loud music coming from cars blasting to the point you cannot even carry a conversation with people in the vehicle with me. Don't be offended but Christians that try to force there religion on me and that will not even listen about my faith. Heads up if you are that way you will be deleted quickly, I co-exit with every religion and want to keep it that way.

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