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Keeping the faith and giving your best effort at doing God's Will is your best chance at the best life you can have here and in the hereafter.

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 photo adv-4.gifWelcome from Siam Forrest Gump, The Greatest Story Ever Told, Ben Hur, Spiderman III, Star Wars (the original), Juno, many others

The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, Phil Collins, Queen, David Bowie, Los Lonely Boys, Mister Mister, and 70's and 80's rock, and any contemporary Christian rock - I am learning to appreciate today's artists as well.

Mutiny on the Bounty, The Call of the Wild, Attract the Perfect Customer, The Bible, Interior Castle by St. Teresa of Avila – and many others

I am into art, photography, and the fine arts. I'm also into reading, playing the guitar, writing poetry and song lyrics, photography, videography, fitness walking.

I make my own videos, but there are a lot of musical videos and videos about other stuff I'm interested that I watch on YouTube.

One of my nicknames is Blue Meezer because of my love for Siamese cats and the fact that my favorite color is blue. I even have a blue point Siamese cat. I especially like cats, but I also like dogs, and horses. I have a Franciscan influence, and it helped foster my love for animals and nature. I feel we need to take care of it - to take care of everything God has given us.

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 photo Christmas20wreath20door1.jpg
Life is good. I am very thankful to God that He has blessed me with two wonderful sons ages 25 and 22. I love my career as a professor of computer information systems technology for a community college. Teaching is my calling, and I have a job that I love and uses the talents that I enjoy using the most. It is a joy to help my students and friends with technical questions and problems. But this site is my own personal site, and my views do not reflect those of the college.
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Every problem is an opportunity, and a squandered opportunity is a problem. I have reached a new era of my life and greet it with optimism. We all have our trials and sometimes find ourselves up against the odds. That's when I feel like David taking on Goliath. Well, my middle name is David, so it's only appropriate. But when a person handles trials the right way, then adversity does not defeat you – it merely strengthens you. So I am one to believe in never giving up the pursuit of doing what is right and what is God's Will. I believe in living a God-Centered life and that this is the best strategy for living. I am here to make friends and help/support people as they need it, as well as just shoot the bull and have fun. I especially get along best with teachers, though I do get along with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. And I hope someday that I will meet that special woman who I will love and cherish all the days of my life, and to whom I will be the best husband I possibly can be. I hope you enjoy viewing my page and hope that if you are not a friend on this page yet that you become one - if you like what you see. I am passionate about the causes in which I am involved – pro-life, protecting the rights of consumers of mental health services, and helping those in need. I am actively involved in causes to help people. The strongest value I have and one that I will never compromise is that I am pro-life. I am actively involved in our local Right to Life organization. I'm involved with NAMI, and I also help at food pantries when the opportunities arise.

My interests include computer software development, animals, cartography, fitness walking, weight resistance training, and sports - especially University of Kentucky sports, along with the Cincinnati Reds and Cincinnati Bengals. I also admire the Xavier Musketeers. My other "turn on's" are compassion, honesty, ethics and high moral standards, attractiveness, physical and mental health, success in career and financially, and a strong faith. I strive to practice these "turn on's" everyday. I like to be straightforward, and I believe in win-win situations where you accept and respect yourself and others for who they are.

Egotism, self-centeredness, coldness, dishonesty, lack of faith and spirituality, rudeness, egoism, cynicism, any cruel, malicious, and spiteful behavior, and neglect to take care of what a person has - health, finances and career - anything a person has.

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09/25/2020 19:56:03

When We Try To Control Everything We Enjoy Nothing. Relax, Breathe, Let Go,  And Just Live. Weekend Blessings, Hope & Prayers. Patty Ann

09/24/2020 16:44:52


Life is a Roller Coaster. Sometimes We hit the lows and Sometimes We hit the highs. The trick is to tip the balance in our favor. Keep Your eyes on Jesus because He always has His eyes on You. Blessings & Prayers. "Have A Good Thursday" 


09/21/2020 12:11:59



As You begin this Week, I Pray for God’s Blessings and Goodness upon Your life. May He give You the Wisdom and Strength to deal with Every Circumstance You may come across today and every day of Your life. Jesus Hugs & Many Prayers.  Patty Ann


09/19/2020 15:10:07


May the Lord Order Your Steps this Weekend into all that is Good and Pleasant. "Have a Pleasant Weekend."  Blessings, Hope & Many Prayers. 


09/15/2020 10:46:30



Have a Good Tuesday! Take time to Enjoy the Wonder and Beauty of Each Moment. Blessings, Hope, Peace & Many Prayers. Patty Ann


09/14/2020 13:56:41



May God Grant You Victory Over Every Trial that Comes Your Way., And May You Always Stand Tall in the Face Of Any Challenge. Amen. New Week Blessings & Prayers.  Patty Ann


09/11/2020 19:57:35

“Handle Hardships with Hope.” Stay Strong, Stand firm in Faith. Hope & Prayers. Patty      Ann   *We Will Never Forget*


09/08/2020 15:41:55



The ability to Seek out Lightness is an Essential tool for Living a Positive life. "Tuesday Blessings" Love, Light & Many Prayers. Patty Ann


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