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06/01/2020 20:49:58

Evening was cool day..,  just went for coffee and gave the women i made the blanket for

she will pay this week.....,  Boston area  had a awful night with all the rioting and looting., so sad..

hope you had a great day., and Happy  New month of June., wow this year is going by so fast......

Hugs June

06/01/2020 19:13:33

06/01/2020 18:41:33

Good Night

06/01/2020 17:54:30

06/01/2020 17:24:13


06/01/2020 16:11:50

June 1st. Monday morning. We've reached the mid point in the year. So quickly, too. Best prepare for the heat again as Summer draws near. Still restrictions, but maybe dry heat will help us get rid of this virus. Doesn't hurt to hope for the best.  Anyway, wishing you well this Monday. Today hubby is getting some pre-treatment teaching. Hearing the positive and the negative and probably feeling a good bit apprehensive. I really wish I could switch places. However, we are ready to face these treatments and hopefully, God willing, reach a full remission or cure. It's time to move forward. This is definitely NOT how we dreamed of starting our retirement. ~ Marcia 

06/01/2020 15:48:10

Hello dear friend!!
I wish you have an excellent afternoon//Evening!!
I wish you a great day in your life!!
Enjoy and be happy forever!!

06/01/2020 14:47:54

May June bring us comfortable weather,not Hot..May you stay safe and your week be filled with blessings..

06/01/2020 13:19:54

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06/01/2020 11:36:55

Welcome to the new month of June, my how the time does fly. Enjoy a new week and may you find the time to smile. Christel







06/01/2020 10:54:18

Keep The Thought Of Peace And Love In Your Heart. Look For The Beauty That Still Is All Around Us.

06/01/2020 08:41:30


Good Morning and have a wonderful week! Hugs

06/01/2020 07:29:22

Wishing you a safe good new week friend :)

I'll be finishing up a new song and of course I'll be keeping the coffee ready for you :) 

06/01/2020 06:53:51

06/01/2020 06:37:33

Happy New week dear friend hugs Vanna 

06/01/2020 06:36:30

Hello dear friend!!
I wish you have an excellent Monday!!
I wish you a great day in your life!!
Enjoy and be happy forever!!

06/01/2020 04:27:26

Fabulous Monday and week dear Friend! Greetings Ildikó


06/01/2020 03:03:03


06/01/2020 02:19:55

05/31/2020 23:42:16

Good Morning. Happy Monday ! (met afbeeldingen) | Goedemorgen

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05/31/2020 20:46:02

05/31/2020 20:42:39

It will be ok,,its just Monday........Jean

05/31/2020 19:01:54

Evening  was a nice cool day,  I didn't go out  made the blanket

my son mowed the yard and cut the hedges  he's going away for 2 weeks and wanted it all done. for me

hope you had a great Sunday and a fantastic night

Hugs  June

05/31/2020 18:58:40


05/31/2020 18:02:38

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