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08/16/2022 13:22:53

i'M aLl ShOoK uP!!!!

Happy National Roller Coaster Day :)

Count me out!

08/15/2022 22:26:47

Good Morning Have A Blessed Tuesday Gif | Hutomo

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sweet-and-salty-vibes | VSCO | Пляжные фотографии, Пляжные фото пары,  Романтические фото

08/15/2022 21:19:25


Sleep well friends❤

Until we meet again, may God bless you 

as he has blessed me.

January 8, 1935 - August 16, 1977

Elvis Presley

08/15/2022 18:20:19

08/15/2022 13:57:30


You can ride shotgun))  

08/15/2022 02:23:10




08/14/2022 21:11:30

good morning monday GIFs சென்னை ராஜா.. - ShareChat - இந்தியாவின் சொந்த  இந்திய சமூக வலைத்தளம்

Top 30 Hippy Flower GIFs | Find the best GIF on Gfycat

Cute Couple Images [ 4617+ Download ] Romantic DP

08/14/2022 18:13:44


08/14/2022 16:59:59

Unfortunately, I threw my back out & it feels

like I may be laid up in bed for a while:'( 

Fortunately, I have a laptop & all the time

in the world to BUG YOU:)))

08/13/2022 21:49:57

49 Wonderful Happy Sunday Images, Gifs, And Messages

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Santorini Photoshoot & Walking tour #santorini #greece  #travellingthroughtheworld #travelling #traveller #travel #traveltip… |  Couple travel photos, Couples, Travel

08/13/2022 06:49:02

Hi babes Smile!!! Just A Quickie As I'm All Set to Fly Down To The Cave Today My Fly Cub Is Sooo Busy Over The W/End  Due To The Lovely Weather That I Can't Get A Slot For Sunday Which Means That If I Don't Go Today I'll Have To Wait Untill Next Week Sometime And I Don't Want To Be In London During The Very Hot Weather Thats Forcast For The Next Few Days It's All A Bit Of A Rush But It's OK ...i Will Be Doing A Bit Diving With The Two Ronnies I Really Am Getting To Like These Guyzzz And Their Way Of Life In The Short Time That I've Known Them They've Taught Me Sooo Much About The Sea And Marine Life And They Are Very Keen To Learn How To Fly And Get A Pilots Licence And In Return I'm Sure I Can Give Them A Few Pointers On That Subject...Jane Keeps In Touch And Keeps An Eye On Things As She Takes The Horses Out For Exercise Which Is Very Nice Of Her As It Is The Tourist Season And I Think She Has Enough To Do Running A Riding Stable But Thats The Cornish People For You She Has Been A Great Help For Which I Am Very Gratefull For I Offered To Pay Her But She Just Says Take Me Out To Dinner When Your Not To Busy Which I Do And I Send Her The Odd Bunch Of Roses There's Nothing Going On Just Good Friends ...Ok Sweeetttzzz Have A Lovely W/End And I'll See You Later When The Weather Cools Down A Bit Probably Sometime In The Week Soooo Be Happy Take Care See You Soon INNIT SMILE!!!...



08/13/2022 02:19:48

Have a nice Weekend dear my Friend!



08/12/2022 21:42:27

460 Happy Saturday ideas in 2022 | happy saturday, saturday quotes,  saturday greetings

Beautifull Flower GIF Flower Quotes

Summer evenings, sunset, relaxed, open fields, southern, engagement photo  ideas #engagementphotos #cou… | Summer photoshoot, Couple senior pictures,  Picture outfits

08/12/2022 08:13:29

Hi Babes Smile!!!Soooo Much Happening At The End Of My Road A Couple Of Parking Bays Have Been Closed And Six Electric Scooters Have Been Placed For Hire And Opposite Four Electric Bikes The Idea Is You Just Ring Up The Firm And Give Your Details And They Turn On The Power And Off You Go When You Have Finished You Just Leave Them Wherever You Want To And Let Them Know Your Finished And They Turn The Power Off And Collect Them To Return Them Back To Base It's Happening All Over London Great Idea Not Sure Of The Rates Of Hire And They Are Legal For The Roads At A Guess I Think That The Roads Are So Congested With Traffic In Town As I Found Out Yesterday ...No Doubt About It London Is Booming With Tourists And They Need To Cut Down On Pollution ...I Burnt The Midnight Oil Last Night Worked Right Through Untill I Couldn't Keep My Eyes Open A Moment Longer Then Crashed Out At About Seven This Morning For A Few Hours It Was Worth It Though I Managed To Clear Up All My Outstanding Contracts And The Girls Love The New Compositions ...Soooo That Means I Can Fly Up To The Cave For A Few Days For Some Meeeee Time And Relax ...Probably Sunday Morning If I Can Get A Take Off Slot ...Heading Off Now To The Food Bank For A Couple Of Hours With Some Of My Home Grown Veggies Mostly Cucumbers And Tomatoes And Beetroot As Always I Grew Far To Much And Most Of My Neighbours Are On Holiday At The Moment So The Food Bank Will Be Glad To Have Some Fresh Produce ...I'm Taking A Friend Out To That Club In Nottinghill Gate Tonite Just For A Treat ...OK Sweeetttzzz Have A Lovely Day Be Happy See You Soon INNIT SMILE!!!...



08/11/2022 21:28:30

Happy Friday GIFs - 70 Moving Pictures With Captions

505 Flowers Gifs - Gif Abyss

Reagan + Dalton | Engagement Session Locations | Dallas Wedding Photographer

08/11/2022 18:12:03


08/11/2022 13:32:27


Have a nice weekend friends:)

I'll be at WAKAW lake enjoying a Lil 

sunshine & fishin)) if you find yourself with 

some extra time on your hands try spelling 

WAKAW backward:))) 

08/11/2022 07:32:13

Hi Babes Smile!!!Well It's That Time When I Have Tou Do Meeee Things First A Turkish Bath And Massage Then On To My Dentist Checkup And Clean Then On To My Optician For A Yearly Eye Test Then Selmers Music Shop For New Guitar Stings Bass And Treble New Score Sheets And See Whats Going On In The Local Club Scene...Then Meet A Friend And Have Some Lunch And Home To Do Some Gardening If I Get Time Which I Doubt Will Probably Just Top Up My Tan Instead And Have A Glass Of Wine And A Little Snooze In The Sun...Sounds Like A Good Plan But I've Still Got Heaps Of Work To Go Through Over Night See How It Goes...The Dinner And Dancing Never Happened To Much Work To Finish Quickly Thats How It Goes In This Business But I Will Make It For Another Evening Later When Things Settle Down A Bit It's All Go INNIT SMILE!!!...OK Sweeetttzzz Busy Busy Soooo Take Care Be Happy See You Later Maybe ...



08/11/2022 02:08:54

Have a nice Day dear my Friend!



08/10/2022 21:59:38

Happy Thursday GIF Happy Thursday Day GIF Image & Quotes

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Outdoor Couples Photo Session

08/10/2022 20:43:08

I hope the day was worry-free for you:)

Moon pie's are on the house:)))

08/10/2022 09:57:11

Happy Wednesday dear friend, sending you Smiles and kisses.

08/10/2022 06:55:32

Hi Babes Smile!!!Such A Glorius Day And I'm Working In A Studio All Day Not To Worry Still Got Loads Of Didgital Music Tapes To Translate Onto Written Score Sheets It Gets A Bit Tedious At Times As I've Already Made The Tapes To Start With The Skill Comes In As You Add Your Own Feelings Into The Composition At The Right Tempo Which Is the Speed Of Musical Beats It's Easier To Do If You Can Keep A Clear Mind And Concentrate Witout Interruptions Thats Why I Use A Studio So Much And When I'm At The Cave I Have The Best Of Both Worlds...Did A Costco Shop First Thing Just To Purchase A Lot Of Things I Need At The Cave And Costco Has All The Requirements I Need Great Store Luv Costco I Like To See What I'm Buying Whereas Shopping On Line The Chances Are You Don't Always Get What You Order Either The Wrong Size Or Whatever The Long Range Weather Forcast Is Hot And Dry No Hosepipe Ban As Of Yet In London But It's A Good Bet That There Soon Will ...INNIT SMILE!!!OK Sweeetttzzz Gonna Love Ya And Leave Ya For Now Soooo Take Care Be Happy And Have A Lovely Day...



08/09/2022 22:00:37

Good morning Happy Wednesday Beautiful Images and Gifs of Blessings

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sunset kisses

08/09/2022 20:06:33


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