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09/20/2021 20:58:30

09/20/2021 19:37:05

Evening     feeling a little better   went to  the heart doctor today., and said  remember  we sawed your  chest opened  going to take awhile CHEST cavitie is bruised ..  oh well  was a nice cool day 60's  hope you had a good day  and a great night. hugs  June

09/20/2021 18:14:35

Greetings From Canada

It is election day  in Canada, and I brought 

sugar cookies for the occasion:)


Sugar Cookie? 

It should be a close one between Canadian guy,

and other Canadian guy):)


09/20/2021 13:02:18

Have nice new week !


09/19/2021 18:44:49

hope you  had a  good week-end,,good  night  sweetie..Good Week Image
Good Week Image

09/19/2021 16:49:12

Beautifiul  day  but i  am not feeling well

red sox won  and the patriots won., made  Roast Beef for dinner with all the fixing

hope your having  a great day 

09/19/2021 15:18:13

Have nice new week ahead !

09/19/2021 15:08:40

See the source image

09/19/2021 13:42:45

I Read the News Today

Oh Boy

When Will The Madness End ?

I hope that you had a nice Saturday night:)

I spent mine next to a bonfire, and good


09/19/2021 12:40:21

09/18/2021 20:40:41

09/18/2021 14:55:22

National Dancing Day!

09/18/2021 13:22:35

Wishing you a nice Saturday !


09/17/2021 20:36:49

09/17/2021 19:48:33

Evening  a really  cool day  60's  went to the doctors  today,

he wan't there.  got the nurse practioner.,  so  no results

hope you had a better day.,  and enjoying the  start of the weekend.

09/17/2021 13:42:53

Cowboy Hat On ✓

I am certain that someone in boomer land knows how

to line dance:) the question is...

who is the cowgirl that wiil teach me?


Happy International Country Music Day 

I woke up yodeling:)


09/17/2021 13:03:45

09/16/2021 19:36:31

Have nice eveving betty boop style 

09/16/2021 19:23:01

Evening.,  sorry about  no comments  last night

but with a couple of nights the game  got over at 2 am  and yesterday  game  was over 4 hours

i was so tired..,, 

today  went for coffee ., been skipping  dinner not sure what i'll have tonight.

its  been  rain and thunder and lightening  today.  only was in low 70's    hope you had a better day.,  off to the doctors  tomorrow.  see you in the morning

09/16/2021 16:40:53

September - 16 -1963 - The Beatles single "She Loves You" 

was released in the U.S. Have a FAB night,  :)

yeah, yeah, yeah

I'm gonna give the little fella an A for 

effort :)

09/16/2021 11:45:45

hello my dear friends i been  busy these weeks thank you all for the lovely messages and  , beautiful pictures i love every one. and all of you  very much, (JUST FOR FUN , AND I NEED SOME ADVICE FROM ALL MY FRIENDS OK THANKS) HERE IT IS, i made a apointment for a dentest on october 6, i need new dentals  uppers teeth, i am  wonder now if i should keep the apointment or cancell because for  weeks, since  beggining of the summer i been without them, i feel  ok without them, yet i feel i should go ahead and get them  iam going back and forth. certin foods i cant eat cause i cant chew.  my friends miss my smile. but who well see it anyway, wearing a mask lol ha ha./

update my friendship senior club is moving in october, we getting a bigger place all bend new,

tempory we in a very small resturant, we are anxous to get moving into our new place.

god is good,  paassed summer we had church services in the church yard, its been  4 mounts  our beloved church in the courts, its been 2 years behind because of the cornavirus, and the couts are behind. but we keep it going in  the house or outside.

ththats all for now i catching up  giving you the latest, god bless you all love mary

09/15/2021 13:16:48

No Comments Today

I am on a mind vacation:) you oughta try 

one with me, :) 


Good Vibrations From Canada:) 

09/14/2021 20:41:37

09/14/2021 20:22:35

Evening., it was another  nice  day.,80's  but were expecting  heavy  rains  just  did errands  today.,  cheese and pickles for dinner.

games on again tonight  at  10PM  so it will be late night for me.

hope you had a great day.  see you tomorrow

09/14/2021 12:09:40

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