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09/24/2021 18:49:22

Flashback Friday

2000 zero zero party over oops out of time

So tonight I'm gonna party like it's 


Hi :) Happy Weekend!! On this date -

1982 - Prince's "1999" single was released.

I would love to go back to


09/24/2021 18:19:58

tired  have a great weekend,  good night my friend

09/24/2021 13:07:16

Happy weekend  hugs❤

09/23/2021 19:15:31

Evening, was a nice day  until it started to rain

went to lunch  with my friend  so i hope you had a nice day., see you tomorrow

09/23/2021 15:45:37

Have nice afternoon and evening !

09/23/2021 13:27:56

I was thinking back to the first time

that I took a young lady to the movies:) 


Happy Throwback Thursday,  :)  

you may recall a little film 

called Forrest Gump?


09/22/2021 19:10:20

Evening.,  was  a damp  day., expecting  rain tonight and tomorrow

just met the girls  today.,  hope you had a good day.

made pasta fagoli  for dinner.,  hope you had a good day. and a wonderful  night.

09/21/2021 18:54:53

Evening  was  another  nice  day

went to coffee shop  to met the girls,  it was one of the girls  birthday.,  so i made her this.  it lights up.

hope you have a wonderful night

hugs June

09/21/2021 14:35:47

Have nice afternoon

09/20/2021 20:58:30

09/20/2021 19:37:05

Evening     feeling a little better   went to  the heart doctor today., and said  remember  we sawed your  chest opened  going to take awhile CHEST cavitie is bruised ..  oh well  was a nice cool day 60's  hope you had a good day  and a great night. hugs  June

09/20/2021 18:14:35

Greetings From Canada

It is election day  in Canada, and I brought 

sugar cookies for the occasion:)


Sugar Cookie? 

It should be a close one between Canadian guy,

and other Canadian guy):)


09/20/2021 13:02:18

Have nice new week !


09/19/2021 18:44:49

hope you  had a  good week-end,,good  night  sweetie..Good Week Image
Good Week Image

09/19/2021 16:49:12

Beautifiul  day  but i  am not feeling well

red sox won  and the patriots won., made  Roast Beef for dinner with all the fixing

hope your having  a great day 

09/19/2021 15:18:13

Have nice new week ahead !

09/19/2021 15:08:40

See the source image

09/19/2021 13:42:45

I Read the News Today

Oh Boy

When Will The Madness End ?

I hope that you had a nice Saturday night:)

I spent mine next to a bonfire, and good


09/19/2021 12:40:21

09/18/2021 20:40:41

09/18/2021 14:55:22

National Dancing Day!

09/18/2021 13:22:35

Wishing you a nice Saturday !


09/17/2021 20:36:49

09/17/2021 19:48:33

Evening  a really  cool day  60's  went to the doctors  today,

he wan't there.  got the nurse practioner.,  so  no results

hope you had a better day.,  and enjoying the  start of the weekend.

09/17/2021 13:42:53

Cowboy Hat On ✓

I am certain that someone in boomer land knows how

to line dance:) the question is...

who is the cowgirl that wiil teach me?


Happy International Country Music Day 

I woke up yodeling:)


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