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10/10/2022 11:53:29

autumn #collage #fall #photography #moodboards | Autumn photography, Fall  pictures, Hello autumn
Have A Great Start To A Beautiful Week!
See Ya Next Weekend Dear Friend
Always With Love,
Silver Dreams~

10/10/2022 07:33:47

10/10/2022 07:18:15


Happy Monday! I wish you all the best for this upcoming week.

10/10/2022 06:34:09

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Happy Monday! Have a beautiful week! ~

10/10/2022 01:54:01

10/10/2022 00:37:39



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10/09/2022 04:52:29

10/09/2022 02:00:02

10/08/2022 22:39:08

10/08/2022 15:55:41


10/08/2022 14:46:33
☀Dear Boomer Friend (♥ˆ◡ˆ)
⋆★•Have A Blessed Sweet Time
⋆★•For You And Your Loved Ones
⋆★•Best Wishes Good Health, Joy..
★Hugs My Friend ★
☀✻Mary Shereya ★✻╠╣uĝ$✻

10/08/2022 13:23:02

I'm feeling thankful for a long weekend:-)

We are celebrating Thanksgiving in Canada.


10/08/2022 12:50:56

Happy Saturday

10/08/2022 10:57:52

Wishing you a very Happy Caturday.


10/08/2022 10:10:19

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Happy Caturday my friend.


10/08/2022 09:47:48

––––•(-♠Enjoy your weekend my sweet friend, take care hugs and smiles for you.♠-)•––––

10/08/2022 04:27:22

Dear Friends, hope your Saturday is wonderful  as You are..

Happy weekend.. Cheers and Hugs from my heart. 

Grace Lily

10/08/2022 02:08:12

10/07/2022 17:19:22

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10/07/2022 16:08:01

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10/07/2022 14:19:50

Inspirational Story On Value Of Life:

Father And Son On A Sea Shore

One day his son goes to his father and says father what is the value of my life.

The father gives him stone and says son, if you want to know the value of your life take the stone and go to the market and if anyone asks the price don’t say a word and raise up two fingers.

So the boy does as his father says and goes to the market.

He wanders around and suddenly an old woman approaches him and says how much is this stone.

The boy doesn’t say a word just raises of two fingers and the woman says two dollars? I’ll take it.

The son is surprised and runs back to his
father and says to his father there was an old woman at the market.

She wanted to give me two dollars for the stone!.

The father says “Son the next place I want you to go is to the museum and if anyone asks the price don’t say a word and raise up two fingers.”

So the son takes the stone and goes to the museum.

After about twenty minutes there was a middle-aged man in a suit who approaches the boy.

He says sir how much is this stone.

The boy doesn’t say a word and raises of two fingers and the man says $200 I’ll take it.

The boy surprised and runs home to his father and says “father a man in the museum wanted to buy the stone for $200.”

The father said “Okay son, the last place I wanted to take the stone is a precious stone store.

Walk inside with the stone and if anyone asks
the price don’t say a word just raise up two fingers.

So the son runs off into the precious stone store after finding it he walks inside and there is an old man at the counter.

As the old man saw the stone he jumps up and screams “Oh my god!!! you have the stone I’ve been looking for my whole life! What do you want for it how much is it.”

The boy doesn’t say a word and raises up two fingers.

The old man says “$200,000 I’ll take it”.

The boy can’t believe it! he jumps up and runs to his father.

The boy with excitement Says “Father the old man at the precious stone store wanted to give me $200,000 for the stone”.

The father replies”you see son, the value of your life is all about where you place yourself”.

You can decide if you want to be a $2.00 stone or a two hundred thousand dollar stone.

There are some people whom you love and for whom you are everything.

While some other people will just use you as a commodity and for them you will be worth nothing. So it is upon you my son to decide the value of your life – Said the father.

Moral of the story:

The value of our life depends on the where we place ourselves.

Some people truly care for us and know our true value. While some just act like they care for you.

We have to distance from the people who doesn’t understand our true worth and take us for granted.

Just like a Diamond kept in a scrap box it doesn’t know it’s value and it assumes to be worthless. If the same diamond is kept at a museum then everyone embraces its beauty and true value.

Just like that we have place ourselves around people who embraces our value in their life and care for us.

Then we get to know our true value of our precious life


The place where we place ourselves decides our value of life.

If people who surround us keeps on telling that we are useless. We assume that we are really useless.

If the same people always tell you that you are worthy and how good they feel to have you in their life. You Start to feel more happy and cheerful.

So, It is us who decides the value of our life. We have to surround ourselves with people who are happy to have you in their life not with someone who acts like so.

You are all worthy! You just have to acknowledge it.


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