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Welcome Spring!

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Welcome Spring!

I am Jacobo Velez. I was born in Puerto Rico. I am living in Ocala, Florida, USA. I am a true believer Christian man and I am a born again child of God. I love my Lord with all my heart, strength and soul. He is everything to me and He is my God, my Father, my Creator and my true friend. I believe in Jesus Christ and I trust in Him. I want always to do my heavenly Father's will. Without Jesus I am nothing and with Jesus I have everything I need. I love talking about God to people because I am very grateful for Him and I love Him and I want others to know how wonderful He is and all the things He does for me daily keeping me blessed. I am a good friend and I love people. I want others to be safe and to know about my Lord Jesus and how He gave His life for us to be able to have a great relationship with Him and have everlasting life in Heaven (Paradise) with our Savior. Jesus (God) is good, He is wonderful and a great counselor, please get to know Him and love Him. You will be glad that you did. He loves you so much, more than you could ever imagine and He loves me too.


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03/31/2023 17:38:00

Hug's And Love _♥︎

03/31/2023 17:26:27

Saw my page beautiful love it. The hummer'sare super.

03/31/2023 17:11:46

03/31/2023 16:42:05

Tomorrow Is April Fool's Day. So Smile Big And Have Some Foolish Fun

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Have A Great Weekend

03/31/2023 15:57:28

03/31/2023 14:58:45

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03/31/2023 14:17:14

Hello, Receive a warm weekend greeting, that you live it happy, cheerful, and blessed, unique, full of life, and in good company. May Friday be a day. Full of enjoyment. and rest, for you to spend it your way, with my best wishes, take care, kisses, and big hugs, Maria

03/31/2023 13:32:47


Happy Friday everyone:)) 

My sister just emailed me this pic:))


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