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"May Angels Watch Over You!"

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Ocala, Florida
United States
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In The Presence Of Angels (Lyrics)

This is a realm of Your glory
This is a realm of Your grace
I can feel Your mighty power
It is moving in this place

We're in the presence of angels
With God's glory on their wings
Like the voice of many waters
I can hear the angels sing

Holy, holy, holy, holy
Worthy, worthy, worthy, worthy
Glory, glory, glory, glory

This is a realm of Your glory
This is a realm of Your grace
All my heart's desire is to see Your face

I am Jacobo Velez. I was born in Puerto Rico. I am living in Ocala, Florida, USA. I am a true believer Christian man, and I am a born-again child of God. I love my Lord with all my heart, strength and soul. He is everything to me and He is my God, my Father, my Creator and my true friend. I believe in Jesus Christ, and I trust in Him. I want always to do my heavenly Father's will. Without Jesus I am nothing and with Jesus I have everything I need. I love talking about God to people because I am very thankful for Him, and I love Him, and I want others to know how wonderful He is and all the things He does for me daily keeping me blessed. I am a good friend and I love people. I want others to be safe and to know about my Lord Jesus and how He gave His life for us so we can be able to have a great relationship with Him and have everlasting life in Heaven (Paradise) with our Savior. Jesus (God) is good, He is wonderful and a great counselor, please get to know Him and love Him. You will be glad that you did. He loves you so much, more than you could ever imagine and He loves me too.


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07/20/2024 18:53:31
Sorry just a note to say goodnight
Not feeling well dizzy hope it's just the heat
Hugs june

07/20/2024 16:48:23

Yep..I'm still off 

07/20/2024 13:22:26

Aloha, and happy Saturday everyone:)) 


07/20/2024 13:10:48

Weekend cocktails...

07/20/2024 12:43:53

*Happy Caturday* Jacobo

07/20/2024 12:19:01

Hello, Happy, SATURDAY, and nice, END, of the 

week, REST, ENJOY, HAVE FUN, and be

very, happy, rest, this weekend, homework,

and ENJOY each, one, of your, BEAUTIFUL,

minutes, relax, in good company,

with a good massage to relax,

I wish you a Saturday as beautiful as

You, smile, at life, big hugs, Maria

07/20/2024 10:37:07

Well it's 11Am here and so far so good! I have had my 

coffee so Girle and William are good to come out! Girle Loves 

William and she Loves Me as well! She took off on William out 

the door she flew so he took off chasing her! I pulled up by 

her in the car, opened the door and whistle to her ans she 

jumped in! She is a good dog! She is still not a barker! She 

Loves attention and those laser lights! So hope your enjoying 

your day/evening and sharing the smiles! You have a good one,

Sending Smiles and Hugs!

When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow

bring out the best in ourselves.

~ William Arthur Ward ~

07/20/2024 08:18:17

ils ne penseront jamais a me chercher ici dedans....

je ne cours pas toujours comme un fou dans l'appartement...

....mais quand je le fais, je m'assure de te faire trébucher dans ce processus

passe un agreable samedi.

profites du beau temps ensoleille ; l'hiver sera vite ici...

en attendant, faisons le plein de vitamines D...

Bon Weekend !

gros bisous


Have a nice Saturday.

Take advantage of the beautiful sunny weather; winter will soon be here...

In the meantime, let's stock up on vitamin D...

Have a great weekend !

Lots of love


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