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05/05/2022 15:11:10

May be an image of Maltese, rose and text that says 'Hope this finds you well. May you have a wonderful Thursday Be safe! By: Denemy 4ever imikimi'

05/04/2022 21:52:03

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05/04/2022 20:22:04

05/04/2022 19:51:39

05/04/2022 16:28:10

Can't believe  how  cold and rainy  it is today   so raw  out  am  freezing.,

just  went for coffee  to rainy to do anything else.

hope your having a good day..

see you tomorrow...hugs  June

05/03/2022 22:31:33

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05/03/2022 20:15:31

05/03/2022 17:02:00

Evening  my friends .,  chilly  day  in the 50's.,  tomorrow  they say  rain.

went and had my nails done,  meet the girls for coffee.,  then went  to BJ'S wholesale.,  but i must admit am sleepy  so after this  am  going to bed., see you tomorrow  my friend.

hugs  June

05/03/2022 12:02:26

May be an image of cat and text

05/02/2022 22:40:46

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05/02/2022 20:23:14

05/02/2022 19:43:01

05/02/2022 19:33:26

Evening  rainy day tomorrow  also rain  mother nature  please lets have some  spring weather.,  we need to see the sun.   I had a busy  day., went to have my car service  grease and oil change  took a few  hours.,  they always find more to do at the dealers  but passed on what they said.   went for coffee  after with the girls,  had  popcorn  for  dinner  no salt  and no butter.,,,    hope you had  a good start to your  Monday  and  a great new week.

Hugs  June

05/01/2022 22:50:43

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05/01/2022 21:23:33

05/01/2022 20:46:43

05/01/2022 19:27:33

Evening.. I stayed in all day.,

my son came by  and put  25 bags of mulch  down in the front .,  will plant flower when i buy them.

hope you had a great  first day of May.,  and your new week will be fantastic.,,  going to make me some cheese and crackers  for dinner.,  had celery and carrots sticks  for lunch.   have a good night see you in the morning.. hugs  June'

04/30/2022 22:22:27

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04/30/2022 20:57:03

04/30/2022 17:06:55

Evening  in the 50's  today.,  tomorrow they say 60's  yeah

just went for tea today.,  hope your enjoying the last day of April.,  tomorrow  a new month

this year going by fast.,   I know its only 6 o'clock.,  but am going to bed  tired.

have a good night.,  had cheese and crackers for dinner.

see you in the morning..

04/29/2022 22:47:39

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04/29/2022 20:29:05

04/29/2022 19:51:19

04/29/2022 19:12:52

Evening, so cold here temps  40  but the wind chill  making feel like 30

hope your having a good friday.,  me i went for coffee and gave a friend  100 books  have more to give away.,  she'll come by for more  next week.,  i read  alot.,my son came by to check on me,

hope  you have a good night.. see you in the morning.

04/28/2022 22:13:01

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gif flower rose nice love 195349701000202 by @mirorestigorac

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