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09/24/2022 22:17:28

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09/24/2022 18:58:29

Still chilly, had a high of 60's today,

went to lunch with a girlfriend, then to kohl;s

hope you had a great day.

09/24/2022 06:59:55

09/23/2022 22:04:48

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09/23/2022 20:24:15

09/23/2022 18:58:51

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Have A Fabulous And Happy Weekend My Friend

09/23/2022 18:38:43

Evening my friend.,   today  was a very  chilly day

started outin the 40's  but  rose to the low 50's they say  tonight  will go down to the 30's  brrrrr., tomorrow  chilly  again.. guess its time to put a blanket on the bed.

went to the store, pharmacy    and  coffee today. as of matter of fact  making me a hot chocolate right now.. hope your day  was warmer.

see you in the morning,  hugs  June

09/23/2022 16:07:18

09/23/2022 07:51:40

Hi my dear Friend

sending some sweet smiles your way

 and best wishes for a great Friday!


09/22/2022 22:33:52

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09/22/2022 18:46:11

Awful day  heavy rains  and thunderstorms

stayed in today  did laundry.. had chicken for dinner'

hope you had a better day.

hugs June 

09/22/2022 07:57:50

09/21/2022 22:12:38

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09/21/2022 20:39:42

09/21/2022 18:40:37

Evening was another cool day 60's

finally went grocery shopping  can't re,member when i went last.

hope you had a great wednesday., see you you in the morning., son still away until sunday

hugs june 

09/21/2022 10:47:44

Hello my dear Friend

Every time you cross my mind,

I think how lucky I am 

to have you as my Friend!

Have a wonderful Midweek!

Always with Love'n'Respect...Vicky x x

09/20/2022 22:00:55

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09/20/2022 20:35:56

09/20/2022 18:25:48

Evening  was a miserable day weather wise 60's

damp and cloudy.... I stayed in all day did nothing, well making a jigsaw puzzle

will be going upstairs early to watch TV  new shows start tonight.

hope you had a good day., see you in the morning.

09/20/2022 08:55:35

09/20/2022 05:05:03

Hi Babes Smile!!!All Is Well And I'm Feeling Good Again Such A Busy Day After Going To The Cathedral And Then Buckingham Palace We Had A Little Lunch And Then Headed Up To Windsor Castle To Finish Off The Day By That Time There Were Sooo Many People That We Just Sat In The Garden And Listened To The Music After A Little While We Headed Home And Watched The Rest On TV I'm Glad We Did Make The Effort And I Feel At Peace Now Ready For Anything That Life Wants To Throw At Me It's All Good And Karma Takes Care Of The Rest...Well We Opened My Office Again Today For Business And There Is A Whole New Chapter Of Life To Get On With And I Do Feel Ready For The Challenges Ahead ...Piece Of Cake INNIT SMILE!!! ...The Royals Have Gone Into A Seven Day Private Mourning Period And From There On In Life Goes On...Ok Sweeettzzz I've Got A Lot To Catch Up On And Will Be Flying Up To The Cave Tonite Just For A Few Days Sooo Take Care Be Happy See You Soon And Take Care ...



09/19/2022 22:02:37

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09/19/2022 18:48:29

evening  chilly day  63 no sun

expecting rain tonight.

i decide to stop meeting the girls.,  i will go  earlier or later., that way i can read my book., falling behind on my reading.   have a good night

09/19/2022 18:37:05

Wishing You A Good Evening And A Wonderful New Week

09/19/2022 08:23:46

My dear Friend.....

A single drop of water is always unique!

And so are you,my adorable Friend,  

also very unique for me

& you always will be!

What ever you do 

& where ever you are right now...

I wish just the best for you!

Have a great new Week

Always with Respect...Hugs'n'Kisses  

 Vicky xx

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