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01/26/2022 20:19:10

01/26/2022 20:03:54

01/26/2022 19:20:48

Evening., the weather is so cold  sub zero., getting a Nor'Easter this weekend

went to get the med's today the doctor order for my ear  was 75.00  told the drugest  to keep it  am not paying that.  I did eat a sandwich today and Ice tea

hope you had a wonderful day see you in the morning.

01/26/2022 13:00:24

Have a Wonderful Afternoon!

01/26/2022 08:21:28

Hi Babes Smile!!!Weather Is Beautiful And Yes I Had An Hours Flying Just As Dawn Broke The Sky Looks Wonderful At First Light And Sooooo Silent Except For The Drone Of The Engine Which I'm Always Happy To Hear It's A Bit Of A Problem If You Don't Hear It INNIT SMILE!!!...The Shopping Went Well And We Found A Lovely Old Early Viccy Siver Tea Service From A Shop I Go To For My Own Collections Of Early Cut Glass Vases She Gives Me A Good Deal As I Send A Lot Of Business Her Way Jenny Is Always Going On About Starting A Siver Collection So This Will Give Them A Good Start No Good Talking About It Unless You Mean To Act On It I'm Sure They Will Be Ok With It  See How It Goes...Then I Got Sadie A Bunch Of Yes You Guest It Beautiful Red Roses In Full Fragrance That I Ordered To Time With Her Getting Home After We Finished I Didn't Want Her To Feel Left Out...It Seems To Have Worked Because I've Got An Open Invite For Dinner ...I Fink She Can Cook ? ...Jackie Is Hopeless At Cooking But She Does Have Her Moments On The BBQ.I Meant Cooking Lol...Ok Sweeetttzzz It's All Good Sooooo Wrap Up Keep Warm And Be Happy...



01/25/2022 22:26:28

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01/25/2022 20:40:18
Doctors today. results
Low blood pressure dehydrate, whizzing , ear infection
In other words am falling apart.

Were expecting a nor eastern this weekend., the weather is sub zero brrrr
Hope you had a better day, see you tomorrow
Hugs. June

01/25/2022 19:40:55

01/25/2022 08:45:47

Hi Babes Smile!!!London At This Moment Is Shrouded In A Dull Grey Cloud But The Mood Of The People Is Great Which Is Good After All This Nonsense With Politicians And Surviving A Pandemic Not Forgetting Royalty Being Slowly Taken Apart Yes I Think The Good People On This Planet Will Get Us Through All The Evil Vibes And Karma Will Prevail ...The Planet Will Take Care Of It's Self With A Little Help From It's Residents Of Course...INNIT SMILE!!!...Ok Now For Today I'm Picking Sadie Up From My Office And Doing A Big Costco And Brentcross Shop To Pick Out An Anniversary Gift For Jack And Jenny Five Years Married And Two Lovely Children Yes Jenny Is A Very Kind And Thoughtful Lady They Make A Great Couple And I Know They Are Very Happy Together I Always Marvelled At The Beautiful Feeling Of Togetherness Two Staying As Two But Becoming One Totally Together Sounds Cool But Beautiful In Reality...Ok Sweeetzzz. Take Care Be Happy See You Tomorrow Maybe ...



01/24/2022 22:20:35

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01/24/2022 21:34:51

01/24/2022 20:36:45

01/24/2022 18:57:27

Evening  my friends, was a chilly day in the 30's  we will have snow tonight into the morning, I hope it's not to bad  as i have a doctors appointment tomorrow., just went to the auto store need a battery for my car starter., then for coffee with the girls..  I hope you had a great start to a new week., have a good night see you in the morning.  Hugs

01/24/2022 08:43:05

Hi Babes Smile!!!Ok Had A Wicked Week Chasing Around The Continent Closing Down Deals That I Don't Have To Make Anymore, Will Still Have My Regular Contracts That Have Been With Me For A Long Time Years In Some Cases Sooo It Was A Matter Of Getting Rid Of Dead Wood And Their Over Priced Studio Fees It Gave Me A Lot Of Pleasure Telling Them Where To Put Them ...Any Special Music Material That Needs An Udate I Can Now Do At the Mancave It's A Real Pleasure To Be Able To Work At My Own Speed Digitally And My Jazz Compositions Are Now A Piece Of Cake To Send Anywhere In The World It Gives Me My Freedom In A Very Dodgy Business It's Not All It Seems To Be But Nevertheless It's Been Very Good To Me... Soooo I Really Shouldn't Knock It INNIT SMILE!!!...Had A Busy Morning Took An Early Morning Exercise Class On The Heath And This Time We Had A Mixed Class Two Guyzzz Asked If They Could Join The Class I Put It To The Class And They Turned Them Down With The Excuse It Was A Ladies Only Class Lol Wicked Girls Of Course After That They Never Stopped Laughing So That Messed Up That Workout Ok Sweeeetttzzz Got Some Friends Coming For Lunch So Thank You For Your Truly Inspiring Messages And Posts Luv Ya Heaps Take Care And Be Happy...



01/23/2022 22:20:46

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01/23/2022 21:10:51

01/23/2022 17:57:42

Evening., another day i stayed in., not feeling well

weather was in the 30's today but dropping expecting light snow tonight. not sure what i'll have for dinner tonight not feeling hungry.

hope you had a great day.  see you in the morning. 


01/23/2022 12:36:53

01/22/2022 22:27:34

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01/22/2022 21:51:42

01/22/2022 17:11:05

Hope you had a good saturday

its  so cold I didn't nothing today., haven't eaten yet., just made a hot chocolate

but am going to bed early. see you tomorrow

01/21/2022 22:14:32

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01/21/2022 20:40:31

01/21/2022 18:28:50

Evening., very cold here  only in the teen's  tomorrow  single digits  so glad when spring come  the winter hasn't been that bad as far as snow  but  cold weather making up for it.

well i hope you have a good night and a fantastic weekend.. see you in the morning

01/21/2022 10:58:19

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