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01/15/2022 22:27:59

~ Enjoy your Sunday~Stay Safe & Warm~ Blessings~ Hugs Lorribelle54

01/12/2022 17:52:41

~Hope your week is going well....We have had sunny in the 60s~Some nites freeze...The Wind Machines blowing on the Orange Trees to keep them from freeze....Mountains Look So Beautiful with Snow....Have a peaceful evening~ Hugs LorriBelle54

01/08/2022 23:12:53

Enjoy Your Sunday~Keep safe & warm~ Hugs Lorribelle54

01/05/2022 21:41:46

~1966~ Two For The Road~ Love Audrey Hepburns Clothes in this Movie Also~~~~Hugs Lorribelle54

01/03/2022 23:50:40

Hope Your New Year is going well~ Hugs LorriBelle54

01/02/2022 12:46:17

my daughter susan and i wish everyone the warmest save health, peace, on earth, love. happy new year with love of god. his blessings,

12/31/2021 20:04:39

wish all my friends a happy new year with love from me and my daughter to your family.

12/31/2021 19:28:19

Wishing You & Yours A Blessed Happy New Year!!! Hugs LorriBelle54

12/30/2021 22:23:29

Hugs Lorribelle54

12/28/2021 15:07:49

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12/28/2021 14:55:38

have a wonderful new years , best wishes to all. i be puting  my computer for a tune up, so i wont have my computer tomrrow. take care, everyone. see you soon. keep save. hugs mary.

12/26/2021 18:40:12

hope everyone had a wonderful christmas,  i wish everyone a healthy save new years. god bless you.

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12/25/2021 17:41:15

~Wishing you & Yours A Very Merry Christmas~Hugs Lorribelle54

12/23/2021 09:12:52

I do so appreciate my friends
here at Boomers. Thank you for ongoing friendship here at Boomers. I
pray the Holidays bring you health and happiness and the new year is
unfettered by trials or travails. Be blessed by Him who this season is
all about. Merry Christmas!


12/21/2021 22:33:58

~Merry Christmas~ Busy here~We are getting much needed Rain in our Valley And Snow in our Mountains~ Wishing You The Best! Hugs LorriBelle54

12/21/2021 11:18:42

my daughter susan and i wish  a merry christmas and a health new year , god blessings

Illustration of many elfs with presents

12/21/2021 11:00:12

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12/15/2021 20:53:32

~Wishing you a wonderful Evening~Stay Safe & Warm~ Hugs LorriBelle54

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