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"There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in" ~Leonard Cohen

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48 years old
New Windsor, New York
United States
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Just about everything.

I am a voracious reader... fiction of all varieties - it's my escape, my vaction. I love mind candy... as long as it is well written. I also dig the classics. I am building my poetry library. I write it, I should read it.

Writing, reading, needlework, trying to keep up with my preschooler...

My name is Rebecca. I'm a working woman, mother, wife - I don't seem to have much,if any, time for myself, so I sneak a peek here and there to see what's up with everyone else. I write, I'm finding it to be much needed therapy right now, as well as an outlet for the rumblings in my head. When I get the chance to live life my own way I want to sing, maybe learn to play my guitar (I've had it for a few years, and tried to teach myself, but yeah, not working out quite that well), read a grown-up book a week, start writing my own book (I've got one rumbling around in my head, but...it'll have to rumble for a while longer), go to museums and music festivals, wander the West Village again. In the meantime, I commute 120 miles round trip every day so I can be a part of something working towards saving lives and curing disease. I get the joy and the privilege of being greeted by my son every day with a smile and a giggle and his little arms wrapped tight around my neck. I try and keep a clean house, but with a preschooler, a husband and two cats, it's not easy. Regardless, I am still a goddess and I revel in that.

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