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11/26/2020 15:58:30

11/26/2020 15:36:12

Thanksgivingblessing. Happy Thanksgiving

you flap around with me? LOL i am still cooking baking.. we should eat
at dinner time, as usual because it always takes me all day to do this.
Glad i only have one to impress! Anyway here's a Turkey Day song to
hopefully at least help us to keep from gaining any weight ~Enjoy!

 photo 8f01c3d6_zpsc388ff3c.jpg

MNO - Ricardo Levins Morales - Twin Cities PBS

Cycle of Cooperation - Posters & More for Social Change - RLM Art Studio

Campo - Poster Art for Social Justice - Ricardo Levins Morales

Artist renders social causes in posters and prints | MPR News

GEMSTONE FEATURE~** FIRE AGATE** by jessa1155 on DeviantArt


11/26/2020 04:35:46

Good morning have a fabulous Thursday

luv and hugs xxx

11/25/2020 04:59:59

Good morning have a wonderful Wednesday

luv and hugs xxx

11/25/2020 03:45:07

Hello my dear friend, Have a good and lovely week Xoxo

11/24/2020 04:20:33

Good morning have a peachy Tuesday 

luv and hugs xxx

11/23/2020 17:47:46

I hope you had a great weekend & I wish you a fantastic  week & Happy Thanksgiving. If you do not celebrate, have a  great  day, LV B. XXOO







11/23/2020 13:46:01

Quellbild anzeigen

11/23/2020 04:28:45

Good morning I hope you had an amazing weekend 

have a Magical Monday

luv and hugs xxx

11/22/2020 16:35:38


11/21/2020 17:25:24

Have A Great Day!

Sexy Saturday

10 of the World's Rarest Gemstones | Mental Floss


11/20/2020 19:29:47

good nightߌٰߌܰߌٰߌܢݤ️ߒ

Hiding Places

 photo 0db85971_zps557e1c53.gif

 photo 635c89ff_zpse78d8314.gif

Good Night

Rare crystals | Etsy


Nice weekend!w1

11/20/2020 04:32:03

Good morning have a fantastic Friday 

luv and hugs xxx

11/19/2020 12:45:33

A pop art good morning

that Q & Q's followers (which are Trump's base! so is Trump Q?
gross!) have done everything they can to destroy our country through
sewing confusion and hatred and trying to give what the USA has worked
so hard for in the past 50 years away to the Populist 1% of not only
this country but 1% crooks all over the world... *sigh i dont feel
inclined to apologize for this PARODY. Everything i have ever been an
ACTIVIST for (global warming & women's rights) since i was 15 years
old was destroyed by them and now we are going to MOVE ON and be the
America once again that OUR ALLIES LOVE and our enemies hate so deal
with it because contrary to Q's fake news Biden WON FAIR and SQUARE or ~Enjoy the parody Wizard of Oz song w/me!

A little prayer for my Wookie this morning if ya will as she is under
anesthesia getting another mole removed while she is also getting calcus
removed from her almost 11 year old teeth now. LOL i cant stand her
being gone right now... am such a worry wart about my baby girl!

 photo edited-image_zpssv0iiept.png

Happy Thursday

Spread Love Not Germs

Spread Kindness Not Germs Wash Your Hands Bathroom Poster | Zazzle.com

Have A Beautiful Thursday

MAKE LOVE NOT WAR 2 Shirt design | Tshirt-Factory

Joe Biden President GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

President Elect Joe Biden Joe Biden President GIF - PresidentElectJoeBiden  JoeBidenPresident PresidentElect - Discover & Share GIFs

Joe Biden Biden2020 GIF - JoeBiden Biden2020 VoteForJoe - Discover & Share  GIFs

Shirley's GIF Creations - Posts | Facebook

Natural & unheated~Pink Kunzite Crystal - Nov 26, 2019 | Jasper52 in NY


am LOVIN my SODA STREAM! Only thing better than a Grasshopper or a
White Russian is a Bubbly Grasshopper or White Russian :D  i will be
drinkin and dabbin more between now and January 21.. for medicinal
purposes only !
SHOUT OUT to Ireland, France, Germany and England to say THANK YOU!!!!!
for your RECOGNITION of  President Elect Joe Biden as the next POTUS of
the USA!!!!! GO JOE!!!!! America is still the YOUNGEST world power and
this election SHOWED we are LEARNING how to preserve our REPUBLIC. We
will NEVER sit on our laurels again thinking elected officials will do
good by us! ~we're on them and working our local governments from here
on out! ~Thank you SO MUCH and I LOVE you ALL

UPDATE: she is out of surgery! She is doing very well and two moles
were removed along with her 1st and probably last teeth cleaning (one
tooth was removed even though there was no infection in it but it was
loose and no good and i'm so glad! i dont think that bad tooth ever gave
her any pain... i love her so much *sigh glad it's overwith!  PS: i had
said 1/4 million by Christmas may die from COVID 19 but because of
tRUMP SUPERSPREADER events we are already at 1/4 million and it aint
even Thanksgiving yet SOOOOOOOOOOO please please please BE KIND and wear
a mask AT LEAST to protect others if not yourself. COVID 19 AINT A

11/19/2020 11:01:13

11/19/2020 06:26:07

Hello my dear friend, Have a good and lovely week Xoxo


11/19/2020 04:45:34

Good morning have a fabulous Thursday

luv and  hugs xxx

11/18/2020 14:15:28

11/18/2020 04:39:56

Good morning have a wonderful Wednesday

luv and hugs xxx

11/17/2020 10:35:21

11/17/2020 04:26:12

Good morning have a peachy Tuesday 

luv and hugs xxx

11/16/2020 04:33:34

Good morning I hope you had a wonderful weekend 

have a Magical Monday 

luv and hugs xxx

11/14/2020 21:03:01

I want to thank you so much for your friendship. We have been friends for a long time. You are very special to me and you are very dear to me. You are my sweet angel friend. A very special friend sent from my dear heavenly father. This is a very special gift to me and to you. A very special blessing from god in heaven. God new we need friends.Friends are kind and caring and so dear to one another. If any time you need to talk your very special friend is here. God bless you my sweet angel friend. This is from the bottom of my heart. May the angels wrap there beautiful white fluffy feathered wings around you to comfort you and keep you warm with lots of love and care. May god hold you and heal you. He loves you and the angels love you and so do i. 🙂 ❤

11/14/2020 14:54:20

~Enjoy Your Week~End...Wishing you the Best....Hugs Lorribelle54

11/14/2020 12:59:27

I  hope  everyone's   week went well &  you  had a safe and happy Friday 13th, I wish you a  fantastic  weekend, LV B. XXOO 



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