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01/29/2023 11:08:39

Have a great Sunday my friend. Almost time for a Sunday Brunch for me!!  Take care ...

01/29/2023 08:13:59

Hi Babes Smile!!! It Took A Long Time To Get Here But Home At Last...Had A Few Problems With Take Off Slots The First One I Got Was Around About Midnight I Took Off Ok But The Control Tower Had A Problem And Called Me Back In Normally In Day Llight I Could Have Made My Own Way Back Just Navigateing On My Own Charts But At Night I Dare Not Risk Not Being In Touch As It's Like Flying With Your Eyes Closed Not Up To That Yet But I Will Get There Eventually...OK The Work On My Six Part Series Is More Or Less On The Way But As It's Such A Long Series I Had A Bit Of A Problem Fitting Different Music To Each Episode Not Easy  But I Guess Next Week Once I Get Some Of The Recording Done Here In London I Can Fly Back To The Cave To Finish Off The Whole Thing I've Still Got A Couple Of Week To Finalise And Then Submitt It All To Their Editors To Do With What They Will...I Did Have A Scout Around Places In Cornwall That I Had Never Heard Of Before I Hired A Harley And And Picked A Spot On The Map And Just Took Off For A Couple Of Hours To Clear My Brain It's Not Good To Get Over Involved Whatever You Do Visually It Strains The Eyes Which Leads To Brain Block And For A Writer Thats A Big No No...OK Sweetttzzz Enjoy Your Day Be Happy See You Later INNIT SMILE!!!...




01/29/2023 02:00:05

01/28/2023 01:55:11

01/27/2023 01:37:00

01/26/2023 01:34:46

01/25/2023 15:44:21

Stopping By To Say Hello!

01/25/2023 01:30:24

01/24/2023 06:37:11

Happy Tattoo Tuesday. Hope you're having a great week.  

01/24/2023 01:28:26

01/23/2023 01:36:57

01/22/2023 09:08:18

Hi Babes Smile!!!Lovely Day But Very Cold I'm In Two Minds Whether To Head Out To The Cave Tonight Instead Of Tomorrow It All Depends On If I Can Get A Take Off Slot I'd Rather Go In Good Weather Than In The Dark As At Least You Can See Where Your Heading Otherwise It's All Done By Navigation It's Not Really A Problem As I've Made The Trip Soooo Many Times Now I Could Do It Blindfolded And Thats Almost What You Do Have To Do In Pitch Black Darkness Anyway Either One Is Fine By Me ...Well I Thought I Would Have A Couple Of Beers At The Jolly Sailor Then Head Home For An Early Night Which I Did But No Sooner Than I Got Home Than I Got A Call TO Say The Girls Were On The Way With Some Takeaway And A Bottle Of Wine Well Now Me Being Me How Could I Possibly Refuse So Thats How The Night Ended At 3am Which Was Ok As I Had A Layin Until About 10am Then A Quick Jog To The Gym For An Early Swim And An Hour on The Treadmill Then Home For Brunch Scrambled Eggs With Smoked Salmon And Lotsa Toast And Butter And A Big Steaming Sweet Mug Of Red Lable Tea And That Set Me Up For The Day I Then Headed To The Jolly Sailor To Play Pool With Sadie ...I've Just Got Home And I Can Leave Tonight To Drop A Hire Cessna Off At St Austall For A Client Of My Flying Club And Then Get Jane To Pick Me Up There And Head For The Cave It Works Out Fine Soooo I'll Be Away For A Few Days To Finish Off The Last Episode Then Head Back To London And Home ...OK Sweeetttzzz Got To Get Busy Still Got A few Things To Take care Of Before I Leave Later On...Have A Lovely Week Be Happy And Take Care ...INNIT SMILE!!!...



01/22/2023 01:26:43

01/21/2023 09:30:33

Hi Babes Smile!!! Home Now For AFew Days I Managed To Get Another Two Episodes Of My Six Part Series Finished Just The Last One To Complete Which Is Going To Be The Most Dificult Episode As I Have To Revert Back To The Finished Fve And Write The Music So I'will Have To Go Back To The Cave On First Light Monday Morning To Get It Finished Hopefully Before Next W/End It May Take A Little Bit Longer As I Have A Completion DateTo Work To Will Have To See How It Goes...It's Nice To Be Home Again Now ...I Did Go To Falmouth To Check On A Few Future Contracts From Abroad So I Can Start Sadie Off On A New Venture But I'm Not Sure As Of Yet As they Maybe A Bit To Much So I'm Still Thinking It Over For Now The Two Ronnies Are Still At Flying School Still Trying For A Pilots Licence And As Of Yet I Havn't Had Time To Fly With Them And Give Them A Few Pointers On Landing But Once Things Ease Up And I Have A Bit More Time To Spare I'll Help Them Out A Bit More ...Since i've Been Working From Cornwall This Last Week And Helping Jane Out With Her Exercising The Horses From Her Riding School I Feel As Fit As A Fiddle And It Starts The Day Off Having A Gallop Along The Sands She Never Charges Me As She Says I'm Doing Her A Favour Exerciising Them As It's Not Very Busy Out Of Season BUt The Horses Still Have To Be Exersized Whatever...OK Sweeetttzzz Love Talking To you And Thanx For All Your Messages And Posts Your The Best I May Put Some Music Up Tonight None Of My Music But Things I Listen To Sometimes Soooo Be Happy Have A Lovely W/End See You Soon INNIT SMILE!!!...



01/21/2023 02:12:35

01/20/2023 18:54:18

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01/20/2023 01:02:10

01/19/2023 01:39:50

01/18/2023 12:54:50

Happy Humpday to you.  Have a great one 

01/18/2023 01:26:52

01/17/2023 01:54:56

01/16/2023 05:18:52

Me among the wash in my earlier days!

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01/16/2023 01:55:11

01/15/2023 08:45:56

Hi Babes Smile!!!Lovely Morning Cold With Bright Sunshine And Blue Sky's... I Haven't Got Any Blood Runs Today Soooo I'm Flying Up To The Cave Just To Finish Off The Other Three Episodes Of The Series If I Don't Isolate Myself I'm Never Going To Finish It's No Good Staying At Home As There Are To Many Distractions And To Do A Good Job I Need To Get Out Of London For A While And Besides I Need To Keep Contact With A Few People Workwise I've Had Some News From Falmouth  The Lady Producer I Stayed Over With Has Some Introductions From An Agency From Abroad That I May Be Able To Do Some Business With Bearing In Mind That It's Time Sadie Gets A Bit More Involved, With Myself To Guide Her I Haven't Put It To Her Yet Until I Know More About What It Involves I'm Fairly Sure She Will Be Pleased All Being Well See How It Goes Ok The Guyzz And I Had A Good Jam We Tried Out A Rerun On Some Early Tapes I Wrote And Recorded In 2020 Had A Lot Of Fun Working Over Them Again And What With Some Snacks And A Couple Of Beers We Stayed Home Until Late The Guyzzz Went Home And I Crashed Out And Had A Lie In Until About 9am Had Some Breakfast And Chilled Out In My Music Room ...I'm Just Waiting For My Flying Club To Find Me A Take Off Slot Then I'm Off I'll Probably Away A Few Days I'm Not Sure How Long Maybe A Week Or So Will Have To See How Things Shape Up...OK Sweeettss Have A Good Day Be Happy See You Soon INNIT SMILE!!!...



01/15/2023 02:01:22

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