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Hello My Friends..I'm glad I met YOU on the Net. It means so much to ME to share a bit of my life with YOU and yours a bit with ME. The days are always much brighter when I receive a message from YOU. It's great to know there's someone out there who's a Friend , Loyal and True. You are always in My Heart. Take care ! Have A Great Day !! With Love... Emilia

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Jókai Hungarian writer, and all the works of the contemporary world and Hungarian literature. I really love the poems too

Human-minded people, I am very fond of poetry. I love beauty and music. I love nature. I am a Libra, my favorite month is May. However, we have a motto, Which I think is very true. "In life, the Decision is a major challenge. This is one That defines our lives, and this is what is causing the headaches now." Even so much about myself That my life in the state as a civil servant and worked off a registrar. "The FACT That I am, depends on what you Want to see me!"

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Stopping By To Say Hello!

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Happy Tattoo Tuesday. Hope you're having a great week.  

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Hi Babes Smile!!!Lovely Day But Very Cold I'm In Two Minds Whether To Head Out To The Cave Tonight Instead Of Tomorrow It All Depends On If I Can Get A Take Off Slot I'd Rather Go In Good Weather Than In The Dark As At Least You Can See Where Your Heading Otherwise It's All Done By Navigation It's Not Really A Problem As I've Made The Trip Soooo Many Times Now I Could Do It Blindfolded And Thats Almost What You Do Have To Do In Pitch Black Darkness Anyway Either One Is Fine By Me ...Well I Thought I Would Have A Couple Of Beers At The Jolly Sailor Then Head Home For An Early Night Which I Did But No Sooner Than I Got Home Than I Got A Call TO Say The Girls Were On The Way With Some Takeaway And A Bottle Of Wine Well Now Me Being Me How Could I Possibly Refuse So Thats How The Night Ended At 3am Which Was Ok As I Had A Layin Until About 10am Then A Quick Jog To The Gym For An Early Swim And An Hour on The Treadmill Then Home For Brunch Scrambled Eggs With Smoked Salmon And Lotsa Toast And Butter And A Big Steaming Sweet Mug Of Red Lable Tea And That Set Me Up For The Day I Then Headed To The Jolly Sailor To Play Pool With Sadie ...I've Just Got Home And I Can Leave Tonight To Drop A Hire Cessna Off At St Austall For A Client Of My Flying Club And Then Get Jane To Pick Me Up There And Head For The Cave It Works Out Fine Soooo I'll Be Away For A Few Days To Finish Off The Last Episode Then Head Back To London And Home ...OK Sweeetttzzz Got To Get Busy Still Got A few Things To Take care Of Before I Leave Later On...Have A Lovely Week Be Happy And Take Care ...INNIT SMILE!!!...



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