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08/23/2019 14:25:25

“You are not defined by your past. 

You are prepared by your past.” 

~ Unknown ~

08/23/2019 13:58:13

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08/23/2019 13:46:30

08/23/2019 13:26:37

08/23/2019 13:02:55

swankydesserts:/pp“Beach time/pp”






Looking forward to a great weekend my friend.

Hope you are too. Jazzsinger

08/23/2019 12:59:16

“Camina con los soñadores, los creyentes, los valientes, los alegres, los planificadores, los hacedores, las personas exitosas con la cabeza en las nubes y los pies en el suelo. Deja que su espíritu encienda un fuego dentro de ti para dejar este mundo mejor que cuando lo encontraste ... "

08/23/2019 12:42:29

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08/23/2019 12:40:59

"A veces superamos la adversidad solo imaginando cómo sería el mundo si nuestros sueños se hicieran realidad".

08/23/2019 11:48:41

08/23/2019 11:27:03

08/23/2019 11:20:22

Have a Great Friday | Tagarooz.com

08/23/2019 11:10:03

08/23/2019 10:51:26

08/23/2019 10:47:40


08/23/2019 10:43:01

08/23/2019 10:40:50

Happy...Happy Friday.......although it's raning here now it's  going to end later today and then will be real nice until next wednesday..then rain again....not much of a summer this year...with all the storms and rain..etc...but we enjoyed it the best we could..hope yours was great! we know whats coming...but don't say it...(haha)..enjoy your friday and have a wonderful weekend....hugs and smiles..

08/23/2019 10:38:37

Have a blessed and a happy weekend.

Much peace now and forever.

Love and hughs


08/23/2019 09:44:40

Liebe diese Tag On the Water-Sailing von RoseHillDesignStudio

08/23/2019 09:18:46

Happy friday dear friend hugs Anna 

08/23/2019 08:40:46



08/23/2019 08:26:40

Morning, Happy Friday  , Happy Weekend

Hugs  June

08/23/2019 08:26:28

São as horas compartilhadas, horas de carinho, horas de amor e cuidado. Hours are shared, hours of care, hours of love and care. Um amigo que se doa sem esperar um retorno, que se entrega pelo prazer de ver a felicidade do outro, é uma flor que merece cuidados especiais; um ser grande e importante que nos emociona só pelo fato de existir. A friend who gives without expecting a return, who gives himself the pleasure of seeing the happiness of another is a flower that deserves special care, be a large and important just because it excites us to exist. É alguém que consegue chegar até nossa alma... It's someone who can reach our soul ... Se todo o mundo nos virar as costas e, no meio desse mundo, uma flor, nem que seja uma única flor de amizade nascer em nosso jardim, então toda a vida já terá valido a pena. If everyone in turn gives back and in the midst of this world, a flower, even a single flower that is born of friendship in our garden, then life will have been worthwhile ...


08/23/2019 08:21:19

See you next week friends.

❤happy weekend! ❤
❤With Love & Respect Always... 🐎 ❤

08/23/2019 08:12:03




Have a great FRIDAY, Mucho Love, Maria xoxo 

08/23/2019 07:53:56

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