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10/20/2020 21:36:51

I hope your Tuesday was
full of smiles and happiness
Have a beautiful night
and sleep well my sweet friend
Lots of Love, Mia

10/20/2020 21:24:32

10/20/2020 21:14:50


The 80's

They are an American pop rock band

that formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1981.

The band recorded several singles

that reached the U.S. top 10 during the 1980s,

including "Manic Monday"

Can You Name This Band?

Ummmm I probably have heard that song but honeslty I don't know who they are...LOL...I'm really bad with names ...sorry Bobby tell me who they are Please?

10/20/2020 20:50:21


10/20/2020 20:45:30

Ha --- Stay warm friend and have a good night :)

10/20/2020 20:45:12

Good evening.  :)



Gotta watch out for those old keys  lol

No telling what portals they'll open.



Looks like a haint to me.  







Good night Moon.  

10/20/2020 20:42:19

 Hope you enjoyed a Happy Tasty Tuesday Bobby.

Just looking for a late night snack! 

10/20/2020 20:31:26














10/20/2020 20:28:45

Have a Lovely Evening Bobby
Much Love, Mia ♥

10/20/2020 20:12:54

have nice evening handsome IS IT STILL SNOWING ? xxo

10/20/2020 20:12:28

Eye Candy for your night dear Bobby, may you have a pleasant night...

10/20/2020 20:00:59


10/20/2020 19:46:36

Hi Bobbyyy, How are you doing?

10/20/2020 19:44:42

You got it Bobby! Enjoy!!! Hugs. 

10/20/2020 19:35:22


10/20/2020 19:30:40


Love ya song on ya page❤

10/20/2020 19:29:53

Sweet dreams, Bobby 

10/20/2020 19:28:11

  Let's dance warm up handsome xo 





10/20/2020 19:11:52

hugs katie,,,,

10/20/2020 19:05:40

Evening hope you had a great day.

10/20/2020 18:54:30





10/20/2020 18:43:23

Premium Vector | Vector color pop art comic style illustration of a
 girl  eating a cheeseburger. beautiful business woman holding a big 
hamburger.  successful young lady with open mouth bites a huge

How's your Tuesday going? I hope it's been Tasty.

10/20/2020 18:38:20

have a nice beautiful night Bobby xoxo 





10/20/2020 18:36:10

Ofcourse dear Bobby, here is hot chocolate for you and me...

Hot Chocolate GIF - Drink HotChocolate Cheers - Discover & Share GIFs

10/20/2020 18:29:59
Hello. Tuesday, late afternoon. Today was spent preparing contents of outdoor storage building for trash, charity or re-storage. Also had an appointment with our insurance agent. Has been a busy few days. It's not an every night occurance, but having some difficulties with sleep patterns. I was at hubby's bedside when the awful event happened and I relive it in my mind quite often. This causes me some difficulty in falling asleep. A bit of post trauma, I suppose. Sometimes a crazy nightmare will disrupt my sleep, but not often. But last night...I was in the middle of a nightmare when I was jolted wide awake because I thought I heard hubby's sweet voice say not once, but twice...Sweetheart. A common way he used to awaken me when he needed to tell me something. Of course, noone there this time. It is an eerie feeling and I can't explain it, but something similar has happened about 3-4 other times in my life. Once I heard my son at my beside saying "Mom". Noone there...sons both asleep in bed. Another time I felt a distinct tap on my left shoulder and son saying " Mom". Both sons again in bed sound asleep. And a few instances where I came suddenly awake because I heard someone calling my name. So bizarre...so unnerving...and I have no explanations. Has anyone else ever had a similar experience? Just curious. I like to believe that hubby is looking in on me to offer me comfort and is around me always. That thought helps me settle...~ Marcia
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