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04/23/2024 13:14:40

“Hope is the thing with feathers 

That perches in the soul 

And sings the tune without the words 

And never stops at all.” 

~ Emily Dickinson ~

04/22/2024 13:36:06

Everyone is trying to accomplish something big, 

not realizing that life is made up of little things.

~ Unknown ~

04/19/2024 14:53:44

Family isn't always blood. 

It's the people in your life who want you in theirs. 

The ones who accept you for who you are. 

The ones who would do anything to see you smile, 

and who love you no matter what.

~ Unknown ~

04/18/2024 11:49:33

In life there are 1000 reasons to cry, 

100 reasons to smile, 

10 reasons to keep going 

and 1 reason to care

~ Unknown ~

04/17/2024 13:37:58

04/17/2024 08:55:05

There's no going back. 

I've made my choices.

And by making those choices, 

I chose to move on.

~ Unknown ~

04/16/2024 11:40:17

Someday everything will make perfect sense. 

So for now laugh at the confusion, 

smile through the tears, 

and keep reminding yourself, 

everything happens for a reason.

~ Unknown ~

04/15/2024 14:06:08

“Waiting is painful. 

Forgetting is painful. 

But not knowing which to do 

is the worst kind of suffering.” 

~ Paulo Coelho ~

04/14/2024 02:38:59

04/13/2024 11:51:33
☀Dear Boomer Friend (♥ˆ◡ˆ)
☀Takes Time To Do This Weekend.
☀What Makes Your Soul Happy.
☀Enjoy Your Weekend .•*¨*•(ツ)
☀Love ♥ From My He♥rt

04/12/2024 13:01:48

Don't promise when you're happy, 

Don't reply when you're angry, 

and Don't decide when you're sad

~ Unknown ~

04/11/2024 14:24:55

We cannot choose our beginnings... 

We cannot choose our end... 

but the moments in between... 

We choose who we are 

~ Unknown ~

04/11/2024 03:56:31

04/10/2024 13:24:32

Enjoy your Wednesday

Peace Out 

04/10/2024 12:19:11

"Character is like a tree 

and reputation like its shadow. 

The shadow is what we think of it; 

the tree is the real thing."

~ Abraham Lincoln ~ 

04/10/2024 10:05:36

04/09/2024 14:05:48

congratulations - GIF animé gratuit - PicMix

Tu es membre vedette

pour tout le mois d'avril

°*~♥~ Petros ~♥~*°

Je te souhaite un doux mois.

A bientôt...

Tendres bisous d'amitié...


gif animé, blinkie, amour,amitie,signature - DKA decoKlane

04/09/2024 12:23:50

After rain theres a rainbow, after a storm theres calm, 

after the night theres a morning, 

and after a ending theres a new beginning.

~ Unknown ~

04/09/2024 08:02:54

04/09/2024 01:43:06

04/08/2024 12:09:27

"Finding a wonderful friend is like finding gold in a box, 

on the outside it may just seem like an ordinary box, 

but when you take the time to see what's really inside, 

you know you've found

~ Jessica Vega ~

04/08/2024 11:43:52

04/08/2024 11:34:47

Bonjour Petros

Une nouvelle semaine commence
Que je te souhaite remplie de petits bonheurs au quotidien
J’espère que tu as passé un beau week-end
Moi oui on revit
Le printemps s’est enfin installé
Après des journées de pluies intenses
Ouff on peut s’occuper des plantations au jardin
Je te dis à bientôt
Bisouillettes d’amitié

04/07/2024 04:36:22

Tubes écritures


°*~♥~ Petros ~♥~*°

Je te souhaite un très beau dimanche.

C'est la journée dédiée

à la dégustation des moments précieux.

Je te souhaite la joie et la tendresse

en guise de desserts.

Bises... câlins.


04/06/2024 13:20:18

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