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07/03/2022 10:14:52

Well it's Sunday, getting My groove on, to get ready for the week ahead.Hugs Draven

07/03/2022 03:54:31

“It is truly a blessing to be born in
a country which is so progressive and developed…. Happy American
Independence Day.” Lots of Love..Rosine

07/03/2022 02:35:07

07/03/2022 01:45:51

07/02/2022 18:59:27

i'm hoping you have a great weekend

07/02/2022 14:01:51


I'm stopping by to wish you a HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!
I hope you have a safe and fun weekend.
squirrel xo

07/02/2022 11:50:40

Warm wishes on American Independence Day.

Let us make it a memorable day by remembering all those who have fought for this independence. Much Love and Hugs. Nicky♥

07/02/2022 10:22:43

In honor of the Holiday weekend, a little sparkler. Be safe and enjoy yourself.

07/02/2022 02:29:21

07/02/2022 01:59:39

May the weekend be special and beautiful for you, okay? I wish it for you with all my heart. Many kisses

07/02/2022 01:49:49

07/01/2022 19:42:52


07/01/2022 15:12:29

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right – 

for you’ll be criticized anyway.”

~ Eleanor Roosevelt ~

07/01/2022 11:08:41

Stopping By To Say Hello, Happy July And To Wish You An Amazing Weekend

07/01/2022 09:09:20

And to My American friends to the South

Lets all have a Safe  long Weekend. A Big Hug from Me. Draven

07/01/2022 08:38:45

May July Deliver You Lots of Happy Moments my Dear Heart...♥

soundsof71:“Mick Jagger in Paris, 1971, by Jean-Marie Périer”


modelsof-color:“Janet Jumbo by Charlotte Wales for Vogue UK , June 2021”

through-a-historic-lens:“Studio 54, 1977”

projecteur:“Nobuyoshi ArakiFlowers1985/2008”

rifles:“Mallorca, Spain 1958”

07/01/2022 08:34:08

On the Road again...:)


See the source image


See the source image

Tomorrow is the big day..whoohooo..xo

07/01/2022 06:27:33

07/01/2022 02:51:19

Happy New Month My Sweet Friend .. May each day becomes a reason for happiness to you! Lots of love and hugs..Rosine


07/01/2022 02:33:05

Hello my sweet friend, I hope you have a great time this Friday... I send you kisses

07/01/2022 02:08:43

07/01/2022 01:45:49

06/30/2022 16:21:59

Red White & Blue ..:)

United we Stand!!


Also called Independence Day, the Fourth (4th) of July is a public holiday in the United States of America that commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, which declared the original colonies to be free from British rule.

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image


I willl be on vacation for a week. Be good & Be Safe..:) Big HUgs, Maria.. xoxo 

06/30/2022 15:53:31

Hi Sweety,

  Your the catch of the day...:) xo

06/30/2022 14:42:48

“Happiness is not something ready made. 

It comes from your own actions.”

~ Dalai Lama XIV ~

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