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11/28/2021 22:02:44

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11/28/2021 17:01:01

Evening., happy Sunday

hope your having a better day than me., had to jump my car again.,  there a shortage somewhere because the battery fine., will call to take it to the dealer tomorrow.

have a good night


11/28/2021 16:02:45

11/28/2021 12:37:26

Sunday Blessings❤

I was baptized and brought up in the church

that you are looking at:) my parents AND my grandparents

were married in it❤

Have yourself a nice Sunday :) 

Peace & ❤

11/28/2021 10:37:50

Have beautiful Sunday

11/28/2021 06:12:48

Hi Babes Smile!!!Home At Last There Was A Moment Of Real Fear Flying Home From The Mancave Yesterday Luckily I Only Got The Tail End Of The Storm Erwan It's A Lot Different From Than Anything Else That I've Ever Tried Before The Adrenaline Was Pumping Through My Body And I Nearly Went For Emergency Landing In Wales But The Guyzz At My Air Club Brought Through To A Home Landing Safe And Sound Not Something To Be Recommend And That Was A One Off For Me Just Lucky I Guess...

Ok It's All Going Very Well Most Of The Studio Sound System Is Almost Complete And I've Bought A Lot Of New Furniture To Suit My Own Taste And That Will Be Fitted Along With Carpets And Curtains Once The Builders Have Left...I Bought Myself A Jet Ski So I Can Move Around The Coast Without Having To Fly Or Drive Inland Soooo Much Easier And No Traffic To Contend With Great Fun The Weather There Was A Bit Up And Down But I Spent Most Of My Time Working On Contracts The Girls Kept Me Very Busy Sooo Glad Sadie Joined Us Worth Her Weight In Gold It's All Working Out As Planned For Us All I'm Pleased To Say INNIT SMILE!!!OK Sweeeetttzzz It's Nice To Be With You Again...Great Posts And Messages Thank You Have A Lovely Week Take Care Be Happy See You Soon...



11/27/2021 22:10:34

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11/27/2021 19:57:07

Evening., hope your having a great weekend

mine ok  started decorated the house for christmas., bought  calzones for my son and girlfriend for dinner i had a sandwich  to tired to cook.

see you tomorrow  enjoy your night., am working on my page.

11/27/2021 19:55:26


11/27/2021 19:10:55

11/27/2021 15:21:16

11/26/2021 22:34:02

Enjoy your week~End~Hubbys B~day~ Pizza ~ Cake~ And Some golf with the kids~ Hugs LorriBelle54

11/26/2021 22:16:14

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11/26/2021 21:51:55


11/26/2021 19:07:36

Evening  sorry no comments  last night

i fell asleep.. hope you had a  great Thanksgiving

I cooked  but ate alone  my son went to the girlfriends family.    went to the shriners craft fair  today.. got some ideas  to make stuff.    hope you got lots of bargains  today black friday.. have a good night see you tomorrow.


11/26/2021 18:57:52

Good night Boomers❤

God Bless

11/26/2021 16:32:54

11/26/2021 10:18:02

11/26/2021 09:51:44

The elevator to success is out of order. 

You’ll have to use the stairs….


One step at a time.

~ Unknown ~

11/26/2021 01:53:45
There was a time when every kid knew what these were!


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11/26/2021 00:07:11

11/25/2021 23:45:38

Awesome day for you

11/25/2021 23:30:34

~Hope You Had A Wonderful Thanksgiving~ Hugs Lorribelle54

11/25/2021 21:48:09

Happy Friday GIFs - 70 Moving Pictures With Captions

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11/25/2021 19:56:36


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