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05/28/2023 20:52:43

Nat3ddesign Graphics

05/28/2023 16:01:14

05/28/2023 13:33:10

Hello, I wish you a good Sunday, ideal, for you,

have a good time full of joy, peace, love, and happiness,

I've been having family problems for months now, and it's getting worse

I stopped connecting for a few days, due to stress.

If I do, I won't forget. of my friends, faithful. I'm always present

With my best wishes and friendship, Maria, kisses and big hugs

05/28/2023 12:57:32

Mon image

Mon image

enjoy your day

ever be happy!

much love from Daisy

05/28/2023 06:29:03

Hi Babes Smile!!!...Lovely Day Sooo I'm Taking Sadie For A Little Spin In A Hired Cessna Over To The Isle Of White For Lunch And I Have A little Bit Of Buisness To Check Out  While I'm There May Even Get Time For A Swim I Have To Be Back In London For Tonite As I'm Heading Back To The Cave For A Few Days With Some New Things I Bought For The Cave Plus The Fact That I Want To Do Some Diving With The Two Ronnies Must Keep In Practice And Where Better Than In Cornish Waters OK Hope You Likes The Music I Put Up For You Last Night If I Get Time I'll Do So Again Later...Have A Lovely Day Be Happy See You Soon INNIT SMILE!!!...



05/27/2023 13:36:59

hello my friend have a nice eveing

05/27/2023 13:34:03

Buckle Up Buttercup

I hope everyone likes Buddy Holly^_~ 

05/27/2023 08:24:32

Hi Babes Smile!!! Having Some Lovely Weather Here In London Clear Blue Skys And Lovely Sunshine...Soooo I Took A a Quick jog To The Heath To Meet Up With People From My Gym To Take An Exercise Group Of New Members A Mixed Age Class Who Want To Lose A Pound Or Six A Couple Of Real Heavies All Went Well For The First Hour But Then A Few Had To Sit It Out For The Following Hour Which Is OK For Their First Workout And After The Bank Holiday They Can Do Some Training At The Gym Thats If They Get Over Todays Session It's Great To Be Able To Have A Swim Afterwards As The Swim Ponds  On The Heath Are now OpenTo The Public Ice Cold But Great For Toneing Up The Body ...I Managed To Get Four Good Seat Tickets For The Tina Turner Show Playing At The Westend Theatre ...I Saw Her Live At Wembley When She Was On Tour And That Was Truely Amazing I'll Put It Up For You On Bulletin Tonight If I Get Time See How It Goes ...Rushing Off To Costco To Stock Up On New Things For The Cave Now So Take Care Have A Lovely W/End See You Tonite Maybe ...



05/27/2023 07:59:37

05/26/2023 20:30:33

have a great day full of joy, happiness and laughter

be succesful, whatever you do

smiles and hugs


05/26/2023 16:31:33

Hello, friend, have a great weekend,

special, full of joy, and happiness, here it is

raining, a lot and wind, I can't go out

from my house, I'm calm, have a wonderful time

enjoy your weekend, I send you kisses, and big hugs

take care, maria

05/26/2023 14:11:50

I flippin' love comments:-D

05/26/2023 13:51:29

Welcome To Bobby's Kitchen, buddy

Coffee's in the cup, the toast is poppin' up

The records are over there ^_~ pull up a chair.


Oh-da-de, da-da-da

05/26/2023 12:56:31

“In spite of everything 

I still believe that people are really good at heart. 

I simply can't build up my hopes on a foundation 

consisting of confusion, misery and death.”

~ Anne Frank ~ 

05/26/2023 10:11:08

It's The Weekend, Relax. Enjoy. Have Fun Pictures, Photos, and Images for  Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter

05/26/2023 07:11:14

05/26/2023 04:33:23

Have a Delightful Friday my Exquisite Friend ! Bliss & Love...♥


wander-lustinq:“wanderlust ➵”

Pin on Water, Sand and Sun... by Antoni Azocar


siriusly-bookish:“Happy New Year! Because of this guy, my last read of 2017 turned into my first read of 2018. You know, puppies are really distracting.”

bronzhing:“becauseofvogue via instagram”

Let Them Eat Cake - Cake GIF - Cake - Discover & Share GIFs

05/25/2023 18:03:13


05/25/2023 12:28:09

“The best way to cheer yourself 

is to try to cheer someone else up.” 

~ Mark Twain ~

05/25/2023 08:24:44

05/25/2023 08:07:00

have a great Thursday

much love and blessings


05/24/2023 21:00:43

05/24/2023 20:41:24


05/24/2023 18:13:51

05/24/2023 13:39:32

Hello, my dear friend, how was your day?

I wish you a beautiful Wednesday, full of joy,

We start this day with love, have a great

  Wednesday. Live it, in peace, and smiles, you. wish, you

friend, Maria, take care, kisses, and big hugs

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