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sheila fd19

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05/12/2021 20:35:00

Hello my friend, today  I came to thank you for  your support all this time when my mom was very sick , unfortunanely my mom pass away in May 2 th, she is not here anymore. God Bless you all for being a extraurdinary friend all this time , I am back again. 

Hugs and kisses...Marichuy 

05/12/2021 19:59:21

05/12/2021 17:37:29

...just wanted to make a quick call to you to say 'good night' and wish you lots of happy dreams....see you in the morning!...coffee will be gratefully appreciated! 

05/12/2021 12:56:10

05/12/2021 12:55:05

05/12/2021 12:40:09


05/12/2021 12:03:49

Make your day wonderful ...

05/12/2021 11:37:29

Boomerplace 12-05-2021

“How foolish to believe we are 

more powerful than the sea or the sky.”

~ Ruta Sepetys ~

05/12/2021 10:40:08

05/12/2021 10:05:38





05/12/2021 09:29:19

...coming by to wish you a peaceful day and to thank you for sharing your sweet friendship with me!

05/12/2021 08:19:32

Do you remember? LOL  I remember going to the town next to us which was a bigger one then I live in and I noticed so many homes without an antenna. My daughter was with me when I said..I wonder how they watch TV..She said..MOM they have cable..I said..WHAT is that? LOL Oh the good times when he was on the roof yelling...is it coming in better now? No I would say..Then he would say..NOW? Screaming at each other no and now? No and Now..haha..How far we have come.. :-)

05/12/2021 07:09:45

05/12/2021 06:52:04

05/12/2021 06:06:35

Made with GlitterPhoto.net

with much love my friend, xoxo

05/12/2021 02:49:21

Happy wednesday dear friend hugs Vanna

05/11/2021 23:11:00

Le soleil s'est levé the sunrise will be, ya tant de fleurs à cueillir there are so many flowers to pick tant de choses à contempler so many things to contemplate tant de joie à découvrir so much joy to discover tant de voix à écouter many voices to listen tant de sourires à offrir so many smiles to offer et tant d'amour à donner and so much love to give tant de bonheur à vivre much happiness to live. Bonne journée en ce mercredi good day Wednesday
Bisous kisses


05/11/2021 22:07:07


05/11/2021 21:54:07

Happy Wednesday GIFs. 50 Animated Images of Good Wishes

A shining angel-Buddhism

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05/11/2021 19:28:27


05/11/2021 19:12:39

05/11/2021 18:04:46

05/11/2021 12:27:45

“The future is uncertain, but that can be a good thing.”

~ Jennifer Niven ~  

05/11/2021 11:31:58

05/11/2021 11:19:39

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