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Always Save a piece of yourself. Your spirit

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59 years old
Burr Oak, Kansas
United States
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The Notebook, 8 below, Sweet Home Alabama, Pearl Harbor, What lies beneath, Panic Room, Actually I like all kinds. What I really like is a good Love story. One that will make me cry. That's the kind of love I'm looking for. One that will touch my heart.

I mostly listen to Country now but I like classic Rock. My heart belongs to Don Henley.

Read! Who has time to read?

Crafts, Sewing, Wood working. Remodeling my home. I love to camp.

I was born and raised in Colorado. I moved to Kansas 10 years ago. If you believe things happen for a reason than I was sent to Kansas to take in two little angels in need of a home. They are half sister and brother. Shianna is 7 and Gage is 6. I also have two daughters, They are the pride of my life. Tianna lives in Florida as a dental assistant doing gum surgery, Tammera has moved to Kansas and is a children's dental assistant. Most of my family works to serve others, We have a Doctor, Paramedic, EMT, First responder and I work at a hospital as well. We are a very close family and have enough of us to have a good party. No arrests yet but the partying ain't over yet. I come from a family of seven girls. And when we party last one standing WINS. I love to camp. .

I found out I have Breast Cancer December of 2009. This is my 3rd time of having cancer. I plan on beating it this time as well. They remove the cancer and I had radiation treatments and now 5 yrs of medicaton.I was lucky they found it early.

Roses, Romantics and slow Dances. Curled up under a blanket watching the rain fall. I love to laugh and don't mind being teased. You have to roll with the punches in this family. Laughter is good.

Opinionated Show offs who thinks the world revolves around them. People who can't admit they were wrong and say I'm sorry. People who are all take and no give. People who have little trust in the one there with. Loud drunks. Men who shout sexual comments at you.

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Hugs, Don.

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Have a great Monday and take care.

Hugs, Don.

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Thank you all who tried to visit and did not make it and thank you who did actually get on and conveyed an acknowledgement. This is my first endeavor to ever show a compiliation of my art on any public forum.The art revealed are sketches I have done going back to the late 60's, if you do drop in to take a look I hope you will bookmark it and come back on occassion as the site is still in development and I will be showing some art not yet posted or some new ones I have finished.Plus I am transferring all my Caffiene Commentaries to there for others to peruse.Thanks to my long time friend of the family Anolecrabcb who is a new member to Boomers who developed the page for me. 



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