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68 years old
Camden, North Carolina
United States
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Gone With The Wind, Top Gun, Seabiscuit, Pay Check

Love the oldies of the 50's and 60's and country.

Gone With The Wind - finally saw the picture when I was 18 with my new hubby!!

Reading, computer, TV, collecting recipes, cooking.

To visit the Grand Canyon and other beautiful sites this wonderful land of ours has to offer, to take a cruise, go up in a hot air balloon, ride in a race car doing 180 MPH

I'm a retired nurse after 25 years of working with the mentally and physically handicapped males in an NJ institution. Now found love again with my ex husband and living with him in NC, after each of us going our separate ways. I have two grown sons who live in NJ and a kitty named Bella who is with my oldest son back in NJ. I did bring my sweet Lab/Pit mix Pollo with me and he gets along great with my honey's black lab/pit LuLu. Things are very good between us; love the second time around is wonderful.
I like downloading recipes from the internet, trying them out, cooking of course!, being on the computer in general, reading, watching TV in the evening, going for rides to nowhere, playing games on my tablet before shutting off the lights at nite, and occasionally eating out.

My honey, my dog and honest, caring people.

Rude, mean or ignorant people, people who can't drive worth a s**t or use turn signals.

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Have a smiley Wednesday! Huggs...Redd.

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