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68 years old
United States
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Turner Movie Classics What about Bob? Friendly Persuasion Hondo- John Wayne Exodus- Paul Neuman Cool Hand Luke- Paul Numan Ghost- Demi Moore All of John Wayne Movies Three Coins in the Fountain- Audry Hepburn

Smooth Jazz- Diana Krall-CD "Live From Paris", Diana krall & Ray Charles..."You Don't Know Me" Soft Rock- Rod Stewart "Sometimes When We Touch" Some Country

Staying Street Smart In the Internet Age (What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School),The Female Stress Syndrome Surival Guide, Women and Stress,The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families,The Whole Person in a Broken World, Personhood- The Art of Being Fully Human,The Courage to Be,The Art & Science of Love

Digital Photography- Landscapes/Wildlife Wood Carving- Ducks(Mallard Ducks,etc.) Culinary Arts- Southwest Cooking (Hot&Spicy) Travel- New England-Cape Cod- Boston,Maine (Portland), New Jersey(Cape May),TN (Nashville),Ky(Lexington Area, CA(San Francisco)

You Tube Diana Krall & Ray Charles sing "You Don't Know Me"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmrVOuMVvGM

Taking care of business.."Everything I did yesterday that is/did not work and can not be made to work today...tomorrow or the day after....then deleting it!

Academics Grad - Social Psych Major Social-Psych Minor-Philosophy Certified- Critical Incident De-Briefer (OSHA) Certified- Advanced Bereavement/Loss Facilitator Self Employed- Life Coach(Working on Professional-Master Certification- Coaching Specialization: Grief/Loss(Personal/marital/relationships),Hope Coaching, Love Addiction,Co-Dependency Inter-Generational Consultant. I like to dream.. and have dreams be my motivator ....not my master. "My word/promise given by me to another is likened to my heart beating...it is my life beat" I will gladly have a conversation with you...I will not have an unhealthy conversation "about you with another..nor will I listen to an unhealthy conversation about you by another" I will tell you the truth if you ask or if you don't ask....I will not lie to you or for you! I say what I mean, and I mean what a say..that is not a question...it is a statement...period "I never take myself or life that serious all the time." I am "street smart", "have common sense", and "Intelligent" so don't play games with me or "take me for granted". I am a realist. I choose my battles very carefully...do you? (Between winning a battle or a war...I choose winning the war).

I have a passion for Digital Photography. I enjoy "Natural Light" photography....outdoor, wildlife, and landscapes. Recently I've become interested in photo shots of people (Action and still life).

Toxic People Self Centered-Ego-Centric Individuals. People who abuse others,especially....women/children/elderly)emotionally and physically challenged.

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Do you know of him?

I'd like to meet  him...


Love always, Annette, "That's All!"

ANNETTE HANSHAW: acc. by Phil Napoleon, t / Charlie Butterfield, tb /
Jimmy Dorsey, cl, as / Irving Brodsky, p / Dick McDonough, g / Joe
Tarto, sb / Stan King, d. New York. October 18, 1929. (From Motion Picture "Frozen Justice")
(Gilbert / Baer)

Annette Hanshaw - The Right Kind Of Man -  On Parlophone & Okeh Records -



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09/23/2018 08:57:02

have a lovely day...hugs

09/23/2018 06:47:19

gm autumn fall is here,, rain hee xx!! c[_] enjoy yur day jeff.coffee...i,m watching the squirrel ,in garden yard xx! take care love caroline xx hugs too

09/23/2018 05:53:36

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Do you care?


Love always, Annette, "That's All!"

ANNETTE HANSHAW: acc. by Charlie Spivak, t / Tommy Dorsey, tb / ? Jimmy
Dorsey, bar / vn / ? Rube Bloom, p / Tommy Fellini, g. New York, March
11, 1930.

Annette Hanshaw - The One I Love Just Can't Be Bothered With Me - OKeh 41397



09/22/2018 08:18:32

happy first day of fall....hugs

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