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Turner Movie Classics What about Bob? Friendly Persuasion Hondo- John Wayne Exodus- Paul Neuman Cool Hand Luke- Paul Numan Ghost- Demi Moore All of John Wayne Movies Three Coins in the Fountain- Audry Hepburn

Smooth Jazz- Diana Krall-CD "Live From Paris", Diana krall & Ray Charles..."You Don't Know Me" Soft Rock- Rod Stewart "Sometimes When We Touch" Some Country

Staying Street Smart In the Internet Age (What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School),The Female Stress Syndrome Surival Guide, Women and Stress,The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families,The Whole Person in a Broken World, Personhood- The Art of Being Fully Human,The Courage to Be,The Art & Science of Love

Digital Photography- Landscapes/Wildlife Wood Carving- Ducks(Mallard Ducks,etc.) Culinary Arts- Southwest Cooking (Hot&Spicy) Travel- New England-Cape Cod- Boston,Maine (Portland), New Jersey(Cape May),TN (Nashville),Ky(Lexington Area, CA(San Francisco)

You Tube Diana Krall & Ray Charles sing "You Don't Know Me"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmrVOuMVvGM

Taking care of business.."Everything I did yesterday that is/did not work and can not be made to work today...tomorrow or the day after....then deleting it!

Academics Grad - Social Psych Major Social-Psych Minor-Philosophy Certified- Critical Incident De-Briefer (OSHA) Certified- Advanced Bereavement/Loss Facilitator Self Employed- Life Coach(Working on Professional-Master Certification- Coaching Specialization: Grief/Loss(Personal/marital/relationships),Hope Coaching, Love Addiction,Co-Dependency Inter-Generational Consultant. I like to dream.. and have dreams be my motivator ....not my master. "My word/promise given by me to another is likened to my heart beating...it is my life beat" I will gladly have a conversation with you...I will not have an unhealthy conversation "about you with another..nor will I listen to an unhealthy conversation about you by another" I will tell you the truth if you ask or if you don't ask....I will not lie to you or for you! I say what I mean, and I mean what a say..that is not a question...it is a statement...period "I never take myself or life that serious all the time." I am "street smart", "have common sense", and "Intelligent" so don't play games with me or "take me for granted". I am a realist. I choose my battles very carefully...do you? (Between winning a battle or a war...I choose winning the war).

I have a passion for Digital Photography. I enjoy "Natural Light" photography....outdoor, wildlife, and landscapes. Recently I've become interested in photo shots of people (Action and still life).

Toxic People Self Centered-Ego-Centric Individuals. People who abuse others,especially....women/children/elderly)emotionally and physically challenged.

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12/10/2018 08:27:07

christmas will be here soon, are you all ready? wishes for a wonderful start to this new week...hugs

12/10/2018 06:33:51

Telling the truth and making someone cry... 

is just as bad as telling a lie and making someone smile!

~ Unknown ~

12/09/2018 16:43:27

12/09/2018 12:42:38

Sweetie! Let me sing to you. I'd like that!!

You can tuck me in, if you'd like...

I'm very tired, aren't you?


Love always, Annette, "That's All!"

The Japanese Sandman was recorded March 1928 in New York City on the
Pathe and Perfect labels. Annette provides a short vocal refrain for
Willard Robison's Deep River Orchestra. Annette loved working with
Robison and it comes through in this song as well as 3 other Robison
uploads-Smiles, Speedy Boy, and Ain't no Man Worth the Salt of My Tears.
Annette had been providing the vocal refrains for many of Pathe and
Columbia's dance bands since they didn't have girl singers until 1932
when Paul Whiteman hired Mildred Bailey and her success paved the way
for many "Big Band Gals" to follow. In all, Annette made 24 sides as a
dance band singer starting with the Original Memphis 5 in 1927, then Lou
Gold, Ben Selvin, Sam Lanin, Frank Ferera and the Instrumental Stars
(Eddie Lang, Adrian Rollini, Vic Berton and Joe Venuti). She especially
loved working with Eddie Lang whom she called a great musician and a
great gentleman. She hated working with Ferera whom she called a
"bottom pincher". For orchestras that recorded on the Columbia label
and its sub labels, Annette acted as the "girl singer" which was a must
for every reputable orchestra in the late 20s and 30s. She was never a
girl singer outside the studio although any big band leader would have
given their right arm to have had her in their band.
Annette was a much sought after radio personality. In addition to the
show mentioned in the vid, she appeared for Coca cola, Chevrolet, Rexall
Drug Stores, Norge Appliances, and De Soto Automobiles.

Annette Hanshaw ~ 1928 ~ The Japanese Sandman ~ Robison's Deep River Orchestra ~



12/09/2018 07:54:03

sunday blessings to you...hugs

12/09/2018 00:58:27


Miz Rosa
Rides the Bus
By Angela Jackson ​

That day in December I sat down​
by Miss Muffet of Montgomery.​

I was myriad-weary. Feets swole​
from sewing seams on a filthy fabric;​
tired-sore a pedalin’ the rusty Singer;​

dingy cotton thread jammed in the eye.​

All lifelong I’d slide through century-reams​
loathsome with tears.

Dreaming my own​

It was not like they all say. Miss Liberty Muffet​
she didn’t​
jump at the sight of me.​

Not exactly.​
They hauled me​
away—a thousand kicking legs pinned down.​

The rest of me I tell you—a cloud.​

Beautiful trouble on the dead December​

Come to sit in judgment.​

How many miles as the Jim Crow flies?​

Over oceans and some. I rumbled.​
They couldn’t hold me down. Long.​


My feets were tired. My eyes were​
sore. My heart was raw from hemming​
dirty edges of Miss L. Muffet’s garment.​

I rode again.​

A thousand bloody miles after the Crow flies​
that day in December long remembered when I sat down​
beside Miss Muffet of Montgomery.​

I said—like the joke say—What’s in the bowl, Thief?​
I said—That’s your curse.​
I said—This my way.​

She slipped her frock, disembarked,​
settled in the suburbs, deaf, mute, lewd, and blind.​
The bowl she left behind. The empty bowl mine.​

The spoiled dress.​

Jim Crow dies and ravens come with crumbs.​
They say—Eat and be satisfied.​

I fast and pray and ride.​

Miz Rosa viaja en el autobús

Por angela jackson

Ese día de diciembre me senté.
por la señorita Muffet de Montgomery.

Estaba muy cansado. Feets swole
de costuras en un tejido sucio;
cansado, dolorido por el pedalín del cantante oxidado;

Hilo sucio de algodón atascado en el ojo.

Toda la vida me había deslizado a través de resmas del siglo
repugnante con las lágrimas. Soñando mi propia
seda propia.

No fue como dicen todos.

Miss Liberty Muffet
ella no
Salta a la vista de mí.
No exactamente.

Me arrastraron
lejos, mil patadas patadas inmovilizadas.

El resto de mí te lo digo, una nube.

Hermoso problema en los muertos diciembre
horizonte. Ven a sentarte en el juicio.

¿Cuántas millas vuela el Jim Crow?
Sobre los océanos y algunos.

No pudieron detenerme. Largo.

Mis pies estaban cansados. Mis ojos estaban

Mi corazón estaba crudo por el dobladillo.
Bordes sucios de la prenda de Miss L. Muffet.
Monté de nuevo.

Mil millas sangrientas después de que el Cuervo vuela
Ese día en diciembre recordé mucho cuando me senté.
junto a la señorita Muffet de Montgomery.
Dije, como dice la broma, ¿qué hay en el cuenco, ladrón?
Yo dije: esa es tu maldición.

Yo dije: Este es mi camino.
Ella deslizó su vestido, desembarcó,
Se establecieron en los suburbios, sordos, mudos, lascivos y ciegos.
El cuenco que dejó atrás. El cuenco vacío mío.

El vestido estropeado.

Jim Crow muere y los cuervos vienen con migajas.
Dicen: comer y estar satisfecho.
Ayuno y rezo y cabalgo.

12/08/2018 22:21:30



Do you know how?

I bet you do!

Stop by, anytime! I'll be waiting with love and a song, just for you!


Love always, Annette, "That's All!"

10-22-1926 - Pathé Actuelle Records 32222

Annette Hanshaw - My Baby Knows How! - 1926 Irving Brodsky On Piano - First Year in The Recording Studio!



12/08/2018 18:55:03

hi jeff enjoy yur evening tonight i heard a lovely cmas concert, xx lovely choir..hoppe yur well..sweeet dreams  love caroline xx hugs too keep warm x

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