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11/18/2018 23:25:27

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11/18/2018 22:09:49


11/18/2018 20:23:18

11/18/2018 19:29:27

A l'aube du printemps, sur les plus hauts branchages, at the dawn of spring, on the highest branches, se posent les oiseaux aux divines couleurs. This raises the birds to divine colors. Sous un ciel si radieux sans l'ombre d'un nuage, under a sky so bright without a shadow of a cloud, ils roucoulent amoureux sur un tapis de fleurs. They coo love on a carpet of flowers. Le chêne centenaire imprégné du passé The ancient oak impregnated the past témoigne les passions des êtres de passage. Reflects the passions of people passing through. Sur le tableau d'écorce, dans un coeur enlacées, table of bark, entwined in a heart, quelques initiales gravées sous le feuillage. Some initials engraved on the foliage. Le ruisseau rit de voir couler l'eau et les jours the stream laughs to see the water running and the day ses rives, de la terre, épousent les rondeurs. Its banks, land, marry the curves. Ils se souvient encore des doux premiers amours they still remember the sweet first love des amants embrasés par les feux du bonheur. Lovers burned with the fires of happiness. Le moulin lui aussi garde bien des secrets. The mill also keeps many secrets. Sur ses pâles jaunies par le temps qui avance, On its pale yellow by the time advance le vent s'engouffre alors fredonnant à son gré the wind rushes while humming at its discretion les souvenirs d'antan sur l'air d'une romance. The memories of yesteryear to the tune of a romance  ...


11/18/2018 16:29:09

About time to call it a day, Hanging the Hat up and shedding the boots, Music Playing, Fire going, Coffee Hot, Blackberry Cobbler and Ice Cream, LIFE is Good, Hope your day was good to you and wishing you a better night, Blessings Friend ,, Always

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11/18/2018 16:15:43

Σχετική εικόνα

11/18/2018 14:54:20

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Let that be a lesson to everyone!...lol

11/18/2018 12:30:45



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11/18/2018 10:45:28

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!  :) 

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11/18/2018 10:03:22

Sunday love...

11/18/2018 09:39:08

For my next trip I have chosen a River Cruise in Provence.

11/18/2018 09:35:08

Turkey is Thawing !

Wish I was too :))

11/18/2018 09:24:37

Dearest Friends I'll Be Back Friday So I Wish All My Friends In Boomer A Bless Be Thanksgiving With Your Love Once.Your 4-Ever Friend **Isabella**:)

11/18/2018 08:51:18
Like a drifting boat on my blog aiguisant tous les rêves au hasard d'un regard sharpening all dreams at random at a glance divin sentiment d'amour dans mon coeur divine feeling of love in my heart  browse to the light baignant dans l'harmonie comme une goutte de rosée bathing in harmony as a dewdrop étincelant comme le plus beau des diamant glittering like the most beautiful diamond  mes souhaits sont pour toi comme un filtre magique my wishes for you as a magic filter  dans les profondeurs du chemin lumière du bonheur in the depths of the light path of happiness je te souhaite une agréable dimanche I wish you a pleasant Sunday accompagné de milliers de baisers with thousands of kisses ...


11/18/2018 08:44:54

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And look at us...we all just turned out fine!...lol  Have a great day my friends!  hugs, Waylon

11/18/2018 08:44:51

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And look at us...we all just turned out fine!...lol  Have a great day my friends!  hugs, Waylon

11/18/2018 04:43:03

 photo a-Sunday-pansies_zps50be3bfd.gif

Take the first step in faith.
You do not have to know
the whole staircase,
just take the first

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 photo Angel-13.gif

It is Sunday morning and we hope
your are going to have
a great one.
We did make a short trip
yesterday to Jordan Valley
and visited a great
little craft show.
Then ate and came back
Weather is nice,
and will be expecting
a little storm, according
to the weather man.
Hugs and enjoy the day,
whatever you do.

11/18/2018 04:31:07


Have a beautiful Sunday love and peace my dear friend a Bings Hugs

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11/18/2018 04:15:17

"Winter is not a season, it's a celebration"

Have a peaceful Sunday :-)

11/18/2018 02:56:27

11/17/2018 22:06:53


11/17/2018 18:01:38

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11/17/2018 16:12:44


Sex Discussion

Frenchman, an
Italian and an American were discussing love-making. "Last
night I made love to my wife three times" boasted the Frenchman.
"She was in sheer ecstasy this morning..." "Ah,
last night I made love to my wife six times," the
Italian responded, "and this morning she made me a
wonderful omelette and told me she could never love another
man." When the American remained silent, the
Frenchman smugly asked, "And how many times did you make
love to your wife last night?" "Once." he
replied. "Only once?" the Italian arrogantly
snorted. "And what did she say to you this
morning?" "Don't stop."


Just stoppin' by
with a lovable afternoon laugh...Hope you're having a wonderful Saturday
out there on your end dear friend...


11/17/2018 14:06:52

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Happy Caturday my friends

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