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53 years old
United States
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Jesus of Nazareth

Gone With The Wind

Anything with Bette Davis in it

A lot of the old musicals which they don't seem to make anymore.

Jazz and the blues...

Many I love to read and write.

Dance. Music. Piano. Art.

To live a happy life with good friends around me. Travel. A good time.

I am pretty much "ME" I like the simple things t of life, love animals and nice people.

I am a strong conservative but accept all views with civility Do not agree with a lot of policies on the left if any really.

I am a devout Christian.

I love ice cream and anything sweet....yes! Chocolate.

This is about it.

Postitive people. People who can discuss topics without getting hostile.Loyal friends. Honesty,compassion, sense of humor.

Drama on the set. Those who put people down just because they disagree with your point of view.Arrogance. Gossip.

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08/24/2019 05:51:06

Have a good day and a great weekend friend 

08/24/2019 05:36:54

08/24/2019 05:28:43

Sending you warm wishes for a wonderful weekend..
Peace, Love and Happiness..
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08/24/2019 05:06:13

~ Blessings ~


08/23/2019 22:04:05
L'amour c'est aimer, c'est .... Love is  .... Une complicité enjouée A playful complicity 
Un partage sans compter Besides sharing Une confiance assurée An assured confidence  
S'exprimer sans juger et cela tu le sais Express yourself without judgment and that you know 
S'accepter sans se changer Accepting without change 
Se respecter To respect 
Recevoir autant que donner Receive as much as give 
L'amour c'est cette eau paisible Love is the quiet water 
Qui uni le de nos coeurs Which united the shore of our hearts 
Une communion avec l'âme oeur Communion with your soul mate 
Une expression de bonheur An expression of happiness 
 Car bien que les coeurs soient reliés As well as hearts are connected  
L'amour , c'est aussi.... Love is also .... 
La tendresse de ton 
regard The tenderness of your eyes 
La douceur de ton sourire The sweetness of your smile 
Ton parfum dans la brise Your scent in the breeze 
Tes cheveux dans le vent Your hair in the wind 
Ton rire éclatant Your laughter bursting 
Et avec tout cela on peut être heureux And with all that you can be happy 
Tendres bisous Tender kisses this Saturday 


08/23/2019 21:29:10


08/23/2019 16:36:33

Image may contain: text that says 'Day 284 without sex Went jogging in flip flops just to remember the sound.'

No wonder the sound of flip flops depress me!...lol  Have a funny Friday!  hugs because I need them as much as you, Waylon 

08/23/2019 16:32:25

Wishing you a wonderful evening..
Peace, Love and Happiness..
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