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54 years old
United States
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Jesus of Nazareth

Gone With The Wind

Anything with Bette Davis in it

A lot of the old musicals which they don't seem to make anymore.

Jazz and the blues...

Many I love to read and write.

Dance. Music. Piano. Art.

To live a happy life with good friends around me. Travel. A good time.

I am pretty much "ME" I like the simple things t of life, love animals and nice people.

I am a strong conservative but accept all views with civility Do not agree with a lot of policies on the left if any really.

I am a devout Christian.

I love ice cream and anything sweet....yes! Chocolate.

This is about it.

Postitive people. People who can discuss topics without getting hostile.Loyal friends. Honesty,compassion, sense of humor.

Drama on the set. Those who put people down just because they disagree with your point of view.Arrogance. Gossip.

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01/25/2020 20:54:59

Humm. Saturday evening here. I was all prepared to post a bit of humor today, but the mood soon passed when I received the news of Kaylou (Karen) passing. The news deeply saddens me because I will miss her beautiful friendship and her kind spirit. On the other hand---her journey and celebration in Heaven is just beginning and her spirit can soar now. That it a comforting thought...a happy thought. So join me in saying so long to a Boomer friend and sending prayers and well wishes to her grieving family. ~ Marcia

You graced our life with your kind and beautiful heart. Those of us who were lucky enough to cross your path and become your friend were truly blessed to know you. You are at Gods' side now. A place of peace and bliss. However, you will forever be remembered, honored, and missed by your family and friends. R.I.P. ~ Marcia

01/25/2020 16:29:31

01/25/2020 15:55:18

hola paso para dejarte, mis mejores deseos, y que tengas anice, sabado, especial, con bendiciones, paz, jpys, besos de maria, cuídate

01/25/2020 15:03:49

01/25/2020 10:01:27

01/25/2020 09:02:33



01/25/2020 08:09:55

Have a good day friends...and try to remember what day it is!  :)

01/25/2020 04:58:59

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