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09/23/2018 21:05:47

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09/23/2018 21:03:16

I'm Late getting on tonight but I did want to stop by and wish you a good night, sleep and rest well Friend, see you tomorrow.

09/23/2018 20:37:15



09/23/2018 20:22:27

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09/23/2018 20:22:07

09/23/2018 20:15:46

Thanks Caroline (that's great about the sun coming out this afternoon there..)  Meanwhile, got things off to a running start here and about to hang a load of washing! Leaving some love, and a bonnie 'goodnight' to you!  xxx

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09/23/2018 20:05:36

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09/23/2018 20:02:46




Do you know of him?

I'd like to meet  him...


Love always, Annette, "That's All!"

ANNETTE HANSHAW: acc. by Phil Napoleon, t / Charlie Butterfield, tb /
Jimmy Dorsey, cl, as / Irving Brodsky, p / Dick McDonough, g / Joe
Tarto, sb / Stan King, d. New York. October 18, 1929. (From Motion Picture "Frozen Justice")
(Gilbert / Baer)

Annette Hanshaw - The Right Kind Of Man -  On Parlophone & Okeh Records -



09/23/2018 19:57:42

Hi Caroline.  You have a good week too, my dear friend. Hugs & Love, Dani....xx

09/23/2018 19:56:02

It's Sunday evening.Hope you & yours are well.Been in the low 70's hear in Southern,IL today.Still can't believe its the first full day of Fall.Take care.Kenny aka Geterdone.Where were you in the 50's?.

09/23/2018 19:44:53

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Image result for vintage tumblr photography

Image result for vintage tumblr photography

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Image result for vintage tumblr photography

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09/23/2018 19:44:14

¯_(ツ)_/¯ Hello Caroline: where-went-wkend?! c(_) time rushing along a cold one here this Mond a.m. I'm rugged against it and ye have rain! Must hv been a sight wth squirel & bird hunting food down in yr yard!Hope you enjyed the chkn/mushrm pie sounded delicious! Keep warm; take care Love ߤ *hugs Tasha xx

09/23/2018 19:31:38

09/23/2018 19:22:03

09/23/2018 19:18:32


09/23/2018 19:16:15

The path I have chosen is that of love, no matter the pains, the anguish, or the disappointments I have to face, I have chosen to be true. On my way, the hug is tight, the handshake is sincere, do not be surprised at my way of smiling, of wishing You well. So do not be surprised if I hold You tight, even if it's just in thought, if I get emotional about Your story, if I cry with You. After all, we are people and people who made the choice for the good. That's how I see life, and that's just how I think it's worth living. Live with emotion. With truth!


09/23/2018 19:04:33

Hello my friend...may this new week be filled with joy.

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09/23/2018 18:41:38

09/23/2018 18:04:07

09/23/2018 17:59:21

good evening .. i hope you had a super sunday..i sure am lovin this cool weather .. so refreshing.. hugs judie  xoxo  stay safe and have sweet dreams

09/23/2018 17:50:00

https://66.media.tumblr.com/471c0588a8bbb50165e3e6f5619e417c/tumblr_peccef2Co51x1rzago1_500.gifHave a good evening

09/23/2018 17:42:04

09/23/2018 17:39:25

09/23/2018 17:23:56





09/23/2018 17:21:57

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