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Hello and Welcome to MyBoomerPlace..enjoy your stay and please visit my page for some tips to help you get started if you wish http://myboomerplace.com/BoomerHelpPage ..and you can also visit http://myboomerplace.com/BoomerQuickGuide n0AiRX.jpg

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Here are some Tips we offer members as a Guideline to Help.

There are some very nice background layouts at:




that work Best here if you wish to try them?

Also make sure the pics you upload to your page are not too big, mostly the widths.
It's best if resized between 400 to 500-pixel width for your page to look its Best!

Your profile pic should be 175x175 pixels or less!
It will take some time before you see it?

For resizing pics you can go to




Other good free photo editors are




To control the Size of comments you get,
post this code into your CSS and hit submit!
(in the Design My Profile area on the bottom)

.comment-text { color: #FFFF33 !important; font-size: 14px !important; overflow-x:auto;
position: relative; width: 475px;}/*COMMENT FONT STYLES AND NO STRETCH CODE*/
.comment-text img { max-width:475px; height:auto; }

You can adjust the 475# to the size you like!

...... I use this site to translate to another language http://www.bing.com/translator/

Your page will work and look very nice if you follow these guidelines.

We Hope this help's..also you can check this page out for help to..


IF YOU WANT TO USE.. Music widgets pictures etc. on your page..go to settings then
to profile settings..click on any boxes and put the code in ..make sure u use the
HTML code..

......these are the 4 sites i found with some help from some members for uploading youtube
on here using the HTML code...





THE BEST Web Browser to use for this site is

Google Chrome..others are Safari Firefox


You can go to their page and comment or go on top where it says My Account..and underneath where it
says Friends click on that..there u can check the box to the friends you want to send the comment to ..
put the comment code in the comment box and click submit comment..you can do up to 9 friends at a
time without visiting there page to comment them..
Also now the Admin has added a select all box on the upper left side..U can check that to do the whole
page at once for commenting


If U perfer a private page..go to settings on top..click on Account Settings..go near the bottom where
it says Private Settings..check the box where it says only friends can view my profile and make sure u
click on Save Account Settings when u are done...

REMEMBER..you can always click on top where it says HOME and go to BOOMER HELP FORUM if u need any further help..ALSO if you want to delete your account..please send a message to admin. John http://myboomerplace.com/user/name_admin/ and let him know.


just copy and paste your comment code in the comment box and click submit comment ..no need to click on HTML

Otherwise if you use IE you have to click on top where it says HTML next to the tree image..
a separate box appears and put the HTML code in there and on the bottom click update and the
comment will appear on the comment box..then click submit comment..

you can also go to this page and see if this helps you more



Go to Settings on top..then click on Design My profile..
Go to the bottom where it says CSS ( Advanced Users ): put the code in the box..when you use this code..
don't forget to put a period in front of the word comment..plus u can change the width size to whatever
you want to where it says 500px .comment-text img { max-width:500px; height:auto; }
another to try is
.comment-text img { max-width:500px; height:auto; } .comment-text img { max-width:500px; height:auto; }

or you can try this code

.comment-text { color: #FFFFFF !important; font-size: 16px !important; overflow-x:auto;
position: relative; width: 500px;}/*COMMENT FONT STYLES AND NO STRETCH CODE*/
you can change the font size,width and the color..

I use this site once in a while for the color http://www.immigration-usa.com/html_colors.html.....

Use this code:

For you comments use the following code.

.comment-text img { max-width:400px; height:auto; }

This ^ limits the WIDTH ONLY of comments posted to your page.

For your page use this code.

#outer2 { width:870px; }

This ^ is the width of your Main profile section.

Copy and paste it into CSS on design my page section, ya can change the numbers to suit your

needs. You can use both codes at the same time.

Make sure your notepad programs has " no wrap"
checked in the view menu before you copy and paste some of the longer code or you can end up breaking
the code and causing other issues on your profile.

TO MAKE FONT BIGGER ..Firefox and Chrome both have extensions to make the fonts bigger..for Firefox is Theme Font & Size Changer and for Chrome is Font Changer with Google Web Fonts™..you can also do this..While holding down the CTRL key (lower right and left on your keyboard), press the "+" key (upper right on your keyboard). Each time you press the "+" key, the page will magnify a little bit more to make it easier to read. To make the text and graphics smaller, just hold down the CTRL key and tap on the "-" (minus) key until the page shrinks to where you like it to be..... FOR a BACKGROUND..

Go on top where it says Settings..click on that..then go and click on Design My Profile..where it says
Background Image...you can upload your picture that u already have saved from your computer ..the size
of your picture can not be larger then 1024x768..you can also select different colors for your text or
background..also u can use transparent..don't forget to click on the bottom where it says Save Profile
Settings when u are done..

Also u can check out this page that may help you

http://myboomerplace.com/groups/view/id_444/title_BOOMER-BACKGROUNDS-AND-LAYOUTS/ and also this

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