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mem_normal2 OFFLINE
68 years old
Novi, Michigan
United States
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STAR SIGN: Sagittarius
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All Three Lord of the Ring, How to lose a guy in ten days,
Pretty woman, Ghost, Six Sense, First Night, I like Romanic
Moves, and Paranormal / Metaphysical type movies.

I love all music, But Montrose Jazz (noise Jazz),
Soft Jazz is Ok.
Favorite Songs: Your Man, Unwritten, S.O.S, Switch,
Shake that. And away moreā€¦.

Romance Novel, The DaVincei Code, & Metaphysical/
Paranormal Books. Book that make you think:WOW
That Could really happen, Or could it???

Making Jeweler, Horse Back Riding, Skiing (down & water),
Bike Riding, Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Gardening, Stain Glass,
Quilting, Drawing, Painting, I Like to do all Crafts.
And any thing out of door in all seasons.

I love meeting & talking to people.
I have nine cats, I work 10 Hour nights
Four of them a week. I have a beautiful daughter in Collage.
I love my job; I work in a sleep lab as a tech.
I work with our Veterans.
I am also a Massage Therapist,and I single handly put
Massage Therapy In to the V.A For our Veterans.
I love doing thing out side in all four seasons.
I have been told I have a big heart and beautiful eyes.
I am fun loving and most of my friends are men.
I am a Romantic.

Beautiful Eyes, Nice Arms, Cute Butt, Total Romance.
Like: Candles, Flowers, and Love Songs. (A mix of them on a CD burn
Just for me.)

Foul Nasty talk on the first though fifth date.
Bad Hygiene and Smokers

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