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Admin has told me we don't yet have the ability to host music on this site so I'd like to invite you over to our MySpace page for a listen to four of our tracks -


They are from our first two CDs - here are some short descriptions -

Your Mind - insane, acid jazz title track from our second album. It's most common comparison is Frank Zappa.

Opus - serene instrumental new age-ish ballad. Pat Metheny is often mentioned in reviews.

Weekend in Montreal - manic instrumental jazz fusion featuring Glen Garrett on tenor sax - this one is pure ONOFFON and has a little bit of everything in one track.

Surrender Now - funky title track from our first album - this is the mantra of ONOFFON - with vocals that spark reminders of Manhattan Transfer.

Our music can be found just about everywhere you can find music on the internet - iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, Yahoo Music, Napster, etc... - as well as CD Baby, Tower, Amazon, BestBuy... everything we have done with our music, we've done ourselves, with no record label, no manager, no promoter, no agent - all from my computer in my two-bedroom Studio City apartment.

My name is Von Babasin and I am a working bassist in the Studio City area, a 20+ year affiliated composer with BMI, a 10+ year member of Musician's Local #47, a member of NARAS, and I'm an advisor on the board of directors of Los Angeles Music Week. I have an extensive background in all aspects of film and video production and direction as well. I am also the son of one of the most innovative and creative jazz bassist-producers in Hollywood, Harry Babasin, who made his most significant marks in the forties and fifties.

I have recently been accepted for fiscal sponsorship by the New York Foundation for the Arts to produce a documentary film about my father's life and his contributions to west coast jazz history. This will be a film much like the jazz documentary series produced by Ken Burns, but specifically feature the west coast jazz community, and more specifically, my father's contributions. I submitted a 20+ page proposal and their quoted response was, "we agree that this is a film that needs to be made". I aml now operating under the umbrella of their non-profit status to raise funds to make the film, with their endorsement, of course. I intend to continue producing a series of films, highlighting the lives of prominent west coast jazz musicians that made an impact.

In my musical life, I am in an original jazz rock group called ONOFFON. Currently on more than 3,000 websites around the world, ONOFFON consistently wins awards and features throughout cyberspace. We were named 2005 Artist of the Year by last year's International Online Music Awards, and our latest release, Bridge to Presage, earned the 2006 Best Album Award at this year's IOMA's.

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