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70 years old
La Quinta, California
United States
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We Were Soldiers, Heat, Casino, Goodfellas, Crash, Rundown, Godfather, Theres Something About Mary, Horror movies in general.

Marty Robbins, Dean Martin, Neil Diamond, Faron Young, Del Shannon, some Ray Charles, Connie Francis, Patsy Cline, Rightous Brothers, 60's & 70's Elvis, early Beatles, John Lennon, Deep Purple, Moody Blues, Peter Framton, Kiss, Bruce Springstein, enjoy the blues and ballads. Music to fit my mood. Like pretty much all except rap and that crazy shit. Makes me feel like beating on a hollow log with a leg bone.

Ayn Rand(the fountainhead)Best book I ever read, All of Sidney Sheldon; Master of the game is my favorite, Early Dean R.Koontz..The spooky ones...etc...

Boxing, my harley, flying small planes. I collect gargoyles, semi and precious stones and metals, acreage and lots. Auctions and fiddle with the stock market.
Keeping my 74-454-4 on the floor vette running. Yea....thats a job

Married 34 years, grew up in Little Italy in Baltimore, MD. Got in alot of trouble, paid for it in many ways and now that I've finally figured out this life game...I'm gonna die. But man do I have some great stories.

Long legged girls with a short dress on, Intelligence, Common Sense, Honesty, Integraty, outgoing personalities, spontinaity, desire, people that like to get busy living and try new things.

Braggarts, Bullies, Know-it-alls, Greed, Liars, Thiefs, animal cruelity, weakness, people who assume they know you or are judgemental, phoenys, spoiled brats that are unreasonable. People that cant make up their minds.

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