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41 years old
New Orleans,, Louisiana
United States
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While you were sleeping,Christmas Vacation,All Christmas movies, lifetime movies,some westerns... and a good action with morgan Freeman i love that guy as a actor... and so many it take me forever to name just like music....

I'M A CLASSIC ROCK FAN....AS IN Tom petty,Rolling Stones,Stevie Nicks,acdc,aerosmith,Lynyrd Skynyrd,Kid Rock and many many more.....also love the blues...

sadly to say not much time for reading due to ma work shedule (midnights) but when i do i like a good mystery novel,VC Andrews ,Stephen King , Ann Rice and more....

Music,walking in the rain,writing in ma journal,making other happy... seeing smiles on lil ones faces esp those fightng cancer and other dreaded diseases... i try to help any way i possibly can..tv shows... mostly comedies i love the old classic shows they were so cool then.... not high fashion person or "label' person..... i'm just me..

not sure if this means you tube i don't watch many videos i do have blu-ray player and have collected lots of the dvd tv shows ...like threes company loved that show have seen every episode and still watch all of them over and over ..love Christmas movies... Christmas Vacation ma fav....

go to Hawaii been alot of places but never made it to Hawaii.... one day maybe.... i really don't know..... not sure if this fits but a cure for cancer... and to make and help ppl with serious issues i can't save the world but i can do a lil tiny part of it... now i did say try.... thers just so much i can do.

ma name is Jasmine Raine best known by friends as "Jazzie"..born and raised in New Orleans,La. I work at courtyard Marriott here in N'Orleans, like music, meeting new ppl of common interest, not here for the hook up just friends... love to shoot pool,lay soft ball, football i'm a sports freak.. i have a kind heart, treat others with respect ...i am who i am... and i am half native american Indian (Chocotaw) and half Creole...i love everyone a and only want love peace and happiness for everyone no matter the color of your skin.your religion..or whtever... i respect who you are... i have been twice married- now divorced but have a guy friend but gonna take ma long time to say i do... after 2 bad marriages.. so thats about it if you wanna ask me anything feel free...main thing i put God before anything or anyone!!!

honest ppl,friendly ppl,singers,i find goood quality in about everyone were all beautiful if we want to be...it's up to us...

snobby bragging ppl, show no respect lack of kindness.... coz there is no one better than anyone!!!! were all equals... just be who you are not what your not....

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