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I have the full responsibility of how I respond to what life brings me...Marcome

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Watching movies, knitting, and yoga

Ok here goes, I am a Texas girl living in Georgia. I am woman who loves life and loves to be around people who love life. I am a true believer in "positive" energy and believes that positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative so I try and surround myself with only the positive. I look for adventure in life but avoid "drama" whenever possible. My two biggest heroes in life are my sons, Roy and Clint for in spite of everything have turned out to be the most wonderful and inspiring men I know. No mother could be more proud. The women they have chose to share their life with, Amy and Elaine, are also two women that I am very proud of and I am privileged to have call me mom. As you can probably tell, family means the most to me. And "family" also includes many of my friends. I am truly blessed in all things in life. As for specifics, well I love movies, movies, movies...lol and slow, smooth, sexy jazz. In quite times I love to knit and watch TV and in stressful times I love yoga (it helps me cope). My work is interesting and challenging and thank goodness only eight hours a day. I love meeting new people and making new friends. I guess anything else...just ask me...lol...I'll probably tell ya!

Honesty and a love for life.

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