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I will be doing my daily post on my Bulletin. Please check it out each day. Thanks.

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04/11/2021 23:08:31


04/11/2021 20:53:46

God is so on time. Praising God tonight for easing my stressed out week. I wish for you answered prayers.

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Good night my friend and sweet whimsical dreams. Hugs & Love Christy

04/11/2021 20:08:15


Thank you for your wonderful friendship! The MyBoomerPlace video reads, "post your videos here!"


Love always, Annette, "That's All!"



Baby Boomers - My Boomer Place Commercial!



04/11/2021 19:39:09

Evening  crazy day  weather wise  46  high  yesterday  was 70's    (30 degree  drop)

so its cold  again  this new week  only going to be  50's..  stayed in today., made nice roast pork bone- in  potato's  veggie  was yummy  for dinner.

Hope you had a great sunday.  and a great night..

04/11/2021 19:35:10

04/11/2021 16:11:49

04/11/2021 15:15:59

Happy Sunday have a wonderful spring week dear friends.





04/11/2021 15:15:34

Hello. Hope you are having a lovely Sunday. Praise our God for this Spring day. Happy April 11th...National pet's day ! Give your furry friends some extra attention today and be glad you have them in your life. Had my doctor visit on Wednesday and it was both good and bad... He has told me I can finally make plans to schedule my cataract surgeries as my blood levels and blood pressure are holding steady. However, I still have to schedule a Mammogram and a new test...a colonoscopy ! Oh, dear me...am certainly not looking forward to that one ! LOL  Have filled out the paperwork and am now waiting to be put on someone's procedure schedule. I also went to my pharmacy to get my 2nd pneumonia vaccine and causually mentioned that the doctor and I agreed I needed to sign up for Covid-19 vaccination. Before I could say anything more or ask about the procedure, she said she had had 2 cancellations and would I like to receive it right then? She had 2 extra doses to spare. I was shocked, but decided that God had led me there and opened the door easily for me, so I went ahead and had the one time J&J shot. Have not had a single reaction from it thus far...not even muscle soreness. Have rescheduled my pneumonia shot for 2 weeks later. I am restless and want to be out and about more. Maybe I'll begin to feel safer about it now, without getting careless about the ongoing risks. And so goes my life...every day an unknown. Hope you all are taking care of your health needs and that all in your life is progressing smoothly. Want to be together, as friends, long after this pandemic ends. Well, no more for now. Enjoy the upcoming new week. ~ Marcia

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