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SF, oldies and well made movies with good plots. Westerns, dective dramas, PBS Agatha Christies, Hercule Pirot,; Sherlock Holmes, other mysterys, and who-"dood"it...

The list is long,my brain is small...


anything that is not repetitious and sounds like dogs barking, yup, yup, yup,.....

**** updated: April 2, 2010

SF, and mostly everything elce, classics, poetry, etc and such.

updated: April 2, 2010

--upd[July 2, 2012]

My wife gardens, when she and the weather is up to it.

I log "airtime" on my flight simulator. in Real Life about 44 years ago, I used to fly a cessna 127 a little bit -- when I could afford such things, now I fly all the cessnas, including a KingAir and a Bombadier Lear45. I don't have to worry about "CRASH and BURN" and when I bust up an airplne, I just download a new one. Life can be easy... least sometimes. :)

I read, watch MSNBC (kinda of a hobby), watch FOX sometimes, and Pixar videos.

Sometimes I write shorts, and novellas, and bravely sjot down free verse poetry.

Trying out new games, either online, or CD. Mostly simulation stuff. ANd some old DOS stuff from the 80s

Updatded: April 2, 2010,
March 27,20100

NOV 25 Got thorugh most of the Harry Potter movies on DVD, except missed Part 1 of the Deathly Hallows. Watched the final episode last night.
Reads lke my books and movie listings... like lots of action and such also.

Currently finished with Downton Abbey on PBS and think I'll do a search at the library for the other books the author wrote,,,
[Addenda: Heck we are now in the last season of Downton. -Feb02,2016]

Checking out "Thorne", "Zen" and any of their "IlK" I can find on PBS or anywhere elce...

Upd: March27,2011

09/23/09 The Health Bill will...

This Brag sheet covers mumblings from:
2006 to current ramblings: July 2012

[*] Today:Feb,2016 I'd better catchup

Pasted My edited Boomer Placell (My Profile) Friday, February , 2016

I was born a "road-baby" in 1941. My father was part Tenocha (Aztec) and Spanish; my Mother was a very young Navajo (Navaho) girl. Because she had TB my father placed me and her into Cragmor Sanitarium/Sanatorium at Colorado Springs, which at that time was for rich eastern clients, I am sure that with God's help my dad managed to get us in, what a feat.
When I was six monhts old, my mother died at the Sanitorium and my father disappeared into Mexico. Five or so years later I heard from a my mother's childhood girlfriend he had died in the Tenochitlan (floating) gardens hiding from the Mexicali. -Naughty daddy.

In the years following 1941, I was cured of TB and was adopted in 1957 by the Head nurse of that same institution. My stand-in Step Father was called "Doc", as he was an M.D. and Head of the Hospital from the mid to late 40s to his death of TB when I was around 12.

FYI. I lived with my "step mother" as a child long before she adopted me and listened to her music I listened to alot of old bands with her, and I would sit in "doc's" office/exam room in the hospital. "Doc" was Methodist, "Mom" was Catholic. I received lots of love, and had any seed of bigotry that may have existed in me, dissolved with that love. These people were the only parents I remember clearly.
I found later that the director of the hospital when I was brought there loaded with TB along with my mother was a Dr. Foster. It was he who made it possible for me to be admitted to the satitorum. Another of the doctors at the hospital responsible for my survival was Doctor Einstein (2nd cousin to Albert-I was told) who escaped Nazi Germany prior to my getting there. He was Jewish and believe it or not, so was his wife. Lovely people.

Time moves on. Growing into adulthood, I then worked on a cattle ranch, went to a private school run by Benedictine monks, spent some time in...
(thought i was going to say. jail didn't you...he -heh..) ... the USN; and USAF. Went to school at SofO at Point Lookout (now CofO) and drove OVTR coast to coast in a variety of 18 wheelers, Quit after they made me the only winter driver they seemed to need... 2 winters in a tractor trailer going over the mts is enough for me. I drove taxi and for some 10 years or so; From 1984-94 tried more college at SMS (now MSU) for my Master's (no such luck), previously 70s worked in the Health Care field as a professional in a white lab coat as a NA, LPN, EMT, Orderly and many other positions. Fun times with handicapped young people, and going on outings with them.... did other things...
The list is long and it's enough for now.

*** Re-edited/updated profile stuff -Sep 7,2007
In 2006 I got sick with a brain-bleed on July 17 and survived without any impairment except my usual impatient nature is now worse. I forget simple things like what I went into the room for, but did that before, so guess this is another sign of distraction and old age... ugh. I should be returning to my nasty job sometime in December*
* I returned to work Jan 15,2007 and its only been in the last 2months (July) that my muscles have recovered from the hospital to be able to do a day's work w/0 agonizing burning pain; I had the strength but it took all willpower to make the muscles move. -June 7,2007]
Old Notes to above comments
Feb 2, 2008:
I caught something with flu-like symptoms except my arm and leg swelled hugely, like popEye and couldn't walk, Stomach wouldn't hold food and My kidneys failed. End of story, I died.
Well, not quite.
Banged around ICU, other wards and fifty million MRIs, blood tests, and so on, and on... They kicked me with a walker and a cane and wearing a set of green scrubs because my pants had vanished somewhere. This was April 4 Hosp paid for a taxi to take me home. My wife provided the home care and I took myself to dialysis 3x/wk.
June 5, 2008:
Cast my walker off soon as I could hobble with the cane. The cane now sits in the corner like Tiny Tim’s'. And this is all by the power of God I know.
On Tue, May 27th I was sitting in the chair while the Dialysis machine cleaned my blood and the aides and nurses came bouncing over with big smiles and shinning eyes. "What is going on", I wondered... "Perhaps they had a party in back?"
the RN told me not to come back anymore as the results of my test had been rushed over stat,... my kidneys were working again and doing its job of cleaning the toxins and chemicals from my system. !!
we have a follow-up and lab first come part of Aug. I was preparing to spend the rest of my life on dialysis and moving on to a more annoying dialysis port. Well... Praise the Lord, I know I shall praise Him today and tomorrow--as long as I have my being.

Oct 11, 2008:
I visited the ER courtesy of a Diabetic coma caused by intestinal flu that caused me to “up chuck” everything I ate. I recovered from that, but then on Mar 2, 2008 I managed to achieve total Kidney Failure cause by some weird blood infection (Septicemia). My legs and arms swelled. I couldn’t put weight on my right leg (much less bend it) so I couldn’t walk anymore. Since my kidney function was 0% and I had a tube inserted in the groin area and a sub-clavian in my neck Not a hook-up do party time in. I was given massive doses of antibiotics clearing up the “Septicemia” and assisting the kidneys to begin functioning. I was taken off dialysis April 4, 2008. I will add, that I know the whole recovery process was by the grace of God,
CURRENT ADDENDA: (about the kidney and job)
April 6 2009:
By this writing (April 6, 2009) the last checkkup at the Nephrology clinic my dr. said to me that I was now up to 53% functional kidneys--"keep eating what you have"... Yes, I watch the kind of things I eat, drink and such.

Now I am a senior HomeCare Provider, Personal Care Assistant, And looking for futher service as an OATS driver, or a resident driver for a fancy retirement community

Currently working as a clerk at an outreach community assistance service... you now, clothes, food, household stuff.. I just replace client's files in the cabments. They won't let me near the computer..

This is through the Senior Community Service Employment Program, a temporary job program.

Transferred from the previous job to the area Head Start. This is 300X the job the last one was, I mean they trust me with the computer .. Wahoo!.

This employment is also thorugh SCSEP, no doubt until june or so. Funding cuts and such. Whiie I'm working, I actively to job search. Did 13 applications via interned this last week or so.

Nov 25,2011
Currently taking a 9 week computer course to update all the stuff I keep forgetting how do do as I only use parts of at at work

Last day working at the Head Start. I am ready to move on. Perhaps I can find a better transportation arrangement. IE, In order to get to work each morning by 8:30 or 9:00 depending on the schedule, it would take one to two hours bus rides. Then walke half a long block across a bridge to work. Good part is Braums was on the way and provided me with breakfast. Of course I woujld have to get up at 6am inorder to do all this.

Hoping for a better position and a better work place... I know, keep fingers crossed, and I'm lucky if I find any job within a hundred miles, either by camel, or train, or foot. sigh.

--upd[July 2, 2012]


Following is a poem I wrote for my blood-mother..
Yesterday I saw her,

Returning on the wing
In the golden-red twilight
And heard the wind brush the
Tips of her wings
As she came reaching from the heights
to race across the fields and
wave the straw-grass in her passing

Today I search the sky
above the tree-tops in expectant
hopes of catching a dark shape
as she slashes the blue
K r e e,
K r e e e
She'll be riding on thermal winds
and raised high above the
shadowed valleys far
beyond me...

(c)Amv 5/4/1994


1) Good Restaurants
2) Classic music, old 50s R&R, Country Western, nostalgic stuff mainl, like: Big Band, origional compositions, blues and jazz.
3) I'm adding, good people.

March 17,2010
July 2012

1) Anything nasty, dishonest and immoral... AND self-serving Politicians, esp those who tax the middle class and poor and then turn around and give the money away by means of TAX-BREAKS to Coporate interests.. and get a campaign donation back....
2) oh yes, Bad Porn, and all Porn is Bad.

July2, 2012

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