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65 years old
Seattle, Washington
United States
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Romantic comedies seem to be my favorite, but I love all kinds of movies. I enjoy watching them. Just a few of the movies I have: Fools Rush In, Serendipity, Star Wars, Independance Day, The Mask, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Wizard of Oz, Uptown Girls, the Ma and Pa Kettle movies, and much much more.

Who doesn't love the music from the 70's and 60's? I also enjoy jazz, country/western (yes both kinds!), classical, easy rock, rock, R&B, you name it, just not that head banging stuff where they worship the devil, or just have lyrics you don't understand and the music sounds like 2 year olds with their first guitar. Don't they know how to write music?

I'm a geek so I mostly read technical manuals on computer stuff like programming code, but I keep telling myself I need to read something for enjoyment. If you have any suggestions please share them with me.

What is a hobby? The thing you do everyday and get paid for or the thing you wish you had more time to do? Some people fish everyday and get paid for it while others wish they could fish everyday and believe the payoff is in the catch. Hmmm...I wish I could fish more, hike, camp, travel more to interesting places in the U.S., spend more time hiking around Yellowstone Park!

NOTE: In the map below it will show I had visited Seoul,South Korea. Actually it was Kunsan,South Korea but the map won't let me select that and I wanted South Korea to show on the map so I picked Seoul instead.

Have a woman in my life who will love me, warts and all.
Visit family in Australia.
Visit family in Iceland.
I may add more later, but these are the most important things for me.

My life seems to be going through a lot of changes these days and I keep telling myself I need to return to those activities from the past that I enjoyed so much such as camping, fishing, hiking and any other activity that help you to escape from daily life for a while. Any suggestions?
I served in the U.S. Air Force for 8 years as a Law Enforcement Specialist and Investigator. After that I got into computers and have been working in that field since 1986.
I used to hunt deer until both of my grandparents passed away and then since I had no one else to share the deer meat with (my family didn't like venison) I quit going because I didn't want to waist all of that meat (I used to give half to grandma and grandpa). I enjoy fishing and eating the fresh catch of the day by cooking it over a campfire next to the stream or river I caught it in (now that is fresh!).

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Snuggling by a fire, demonstrating that you care about someone, quality time with someone who will give you their full attention during that time and leave the distractions behind during that time, women, and most importantly people who will judge you by the color of your character not the color of your skin.

Smoking, drinking to excess, bad drivers, negative people, foods I'm allergic to.

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