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~Lonely~ Been A Long Four Years

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70 years old
Birmingham, Alabama
United States
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Broken Bridges
The Notebook
I also like war movies and westerns

All Music really, it is very comforting.

Sidney Seldon

Taking one day at a time right now. I love the outdoors. Don't like the hot weather too much right now but I do love the Beach and the Smokey Mountains. Computers and skip tracing since I used to be a Bail Bondsman and a Bounty Hunter.

I am widowed for three years now. I live right outside of Birmingham, Alabama in a small community. I have two daughters one is 32 and the other 25 I have two grandchildren Girl 13 Boy 8. We are a close knit family we laugh and have lots of fun play losts of jokes on each other. They presently live with me, the oldest soon to move out with the grandkids in May. They think I am crazy because anything they dare me to do I do.
But I think they really enjoy the fun with me. Crazy Grandma I Love It. Since April of this year my life has pretty much been filled taking care of my 56 year old brother who was born Mentally Retarted. My parents are deceased and they never imagined he would out live them but he has and I love him so much, he gives that love unconditional and does not expect anything in return. Anyway that is pretty much my life right now making sure he is taken care of. Also I go to the ballpark a lot to watch football,baseball and softball the grandkids. Look forward to meeting some new people online. I'm trying to move on with my life it is so important to enjoy it to the fullest. I love family and they are very important to me.

UPDATE: Well I finally took that first step about a month ago and met someone online. It wasn't easy but he made it easier and memorable. Even if nothing ever comes out of this new found friendship, I have at least took that step and also met and made a great new friend. I apprecaite all the comments all of you and left
and hopeflly I can have more time now to get to know some of you better and get the hang of this boomerplace...lol.I got the myspace down pat so I should be able to find my way around this site hopefully, with maybe some help from all of you. Thanks again for being here for me even when I was not here for you. I hope I hope I can be as kind to all of you as you have been to me and make some new friends in the process. Thanks again............. Mitzi

For right now just living Life to the fullest, not taking anything or anyone for granted.

Anyone who feels they have the right to judge anyone else.

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