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a little bit of "me"

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77 years old
Ladson, South Carolina
United States
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anything with Gary Cooper, John Wayne, Katherine Hepburn, Johnny Depp, Jimmy Stewart, Richard Dryfus, Jack Nicholson,
and the disney movie Bambi

Buckwheat Zydeco...Zydeco, creole, cajun, jazz, blues, classic rock, country western, older country, western swing, big bands , boogie woogie

#1 Ladies Detective Agency
Anything Agatha Christie
Anything Sherlock Holmes
Science fiction (Leon Uris-Isaac Asimov)

paint, write, read, sing badly and dance, dance , dance.

Go on a cruise with the one I love

To see my grandchildren have children!

born in a refugee camp in Germany of my Czechoslovakian mother who had escaped to Germany during the end of WWII-- Adopted by American soldier family and came to the US in 1955. Became a US citizen in 1965. Married waaaaay too young. Have 3 children and 8 grandchildren (the oldest grand is now 21)
I live in SC but was reared in Indiana and graduated high in South Bend Indiana. Went to College in Muncie. Married a Sailor and have been married 44 years. Happy times, sad times.Retired from work and take care of mama (84) and legally blind hubby.Survived 2 bouts with cancer - sooooo, I am taking life by the horns and am going to enjoy what years are left.....I DO ENJOY LIFE TO THE FULLEST!

Happy faces , broad smiles, twinkling eyes, white hair, zydeco music.....blues music....the beach....sunshine.........warm,rainy days...heavy rainy nights under a tin roof. picnics...children laughing, dancing and dancing and more music and dancing

lies, manipulators, abusive parents, dirty hair and teeth, shifty eyes with false grins, abused pets....know-it-alls

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