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Blue Hawaii, Jail house rock, All Elvis, Ghost, Soylent Green, Armageddon. The day after tomorrow. 2012.

All Elvis, Tony Fonseca AKA Prozacwierd, Jon Cotner. Genres, Country, Pop, Rock.

Born- Jon Cotner.

Tony Fonseca sings: Never Ending.

Listen with your heart and not your ears

This Is My Heaven.

Please Dont Stop Loving Me.

Funny How Time Slips Away.


This is one of the writings I do on my blog, at www.britepath.wordpress.com. There are many things to see there, Elvis, Tony, Lisa,Jon Cotner, myself, and a wonderful video library too, many videos to choose from.

The first of many writings that I will do over the course of this blog, so please keep watch as I only write when I feel inspired to do so. I may write for hours, or only for a few minutes. I may write every day, or, may not write for weeks. I do hope you will enjoy what ever it is I write, as it truly will come from my heart, or thoughts, or something I have seen or heard. All writings on this page will be by Lynda Hartley unless otherwise stated, I will not put in a quote or saying without giving full credit to the Author.

Thank you.

Take time for yourself, remember you are 100% responsible for your own happiness always. Do not blame others for your own short comings, always look inside to see the truth looking back at you. Do not sell yourself short, take full responsibility for your actions, this then will make for a more fuller and happier life. Be brave, step out from the crowed, stand up for yourself and do it your way.

by Lynda Hartley 2011..

First message of many to come I hope.

Todays message.
Children of Earth it is time to return to the within, look deep into your soul and find the kingdom that lives within each and everyone of you. Put away your petty differences, as to be the spirit that you truly are, is to have no color, race, land, or earthly domain. Those things are only borrowed for but a short period of time, we are all one in spirit a beautiful golden light that radiates love and understanding, unconditional love is to be given to all.

Help your neighbor along the way, give of yourself to those in need of help, volunteer your services when ever possible, care for the weak, lend money to those in need without expectations and without conditions, care for the sick and pray for them to be healed. Even if it is only a small amount of time, service, money, or care, it is something and will come back to you 10 fold.

Learn to Love yourself first and foremost, for if you say you love other’s and do not love yourself then this is a lie. To say you love God and not yourself or your neighbor’s is also a lie, for you can not love anyone without first loving yourself.

Know who you truly are, a spiritual being having a Earthly experience, a learning time for each individual, to evolve in the the spirit and realize that you can right now be in the spirit, and do many things, there is no limitation in the spirit, give yourselves permission to let your spirit shine through and bring you into the bright shining being that you are.

Let go of your false pride, it is OK to be proud of your works, but false pride comes from not being able to reach out and ask for the help, you need to grow and to become stable again after a fall. We all fall, it is in the how you rise up again that counts. Trying to do so on your own without the help of other’s is being prideful and will only lead to another down fall.

Ask for the things you need from life, it never hurts to ask and learn to accept a NO when you do get one, there is a reason for the NO that you may not understand at the moment. But, realize the help will come as it is needed in the time frame that it needs to be given. Cultivate patience and faith in the seen and the unseen always. For it is in this willingness that all things come to you when you understand that life is Just, and will meet your every need, but not always your every want.

You have to be willing to act on your request, you can not just sit and expect life to hand you every little thing that you desire, you must act, on hunches, gut feelings, thoughts that come into your head of a positive nature.

What ever place in life you are right now, STOP and consider what it is that is holding you back, do you feel you’re not old enough, too fat, too skinny, not good enough, not educated enough, not pretty enough, or too old etc.. Stop now and realize that you are the embodiment of spirit and are meant to radiate love and goodness to yourself and have within yourself the power to change it all.

Look at your body as only a vehicle that holds the beautiful being that you really are, it is a learning thing, that you yourself chose to learn, and you yourself can change it at will. Dare to make changes, dare to stand up and be counted among the best, you are you know. If you have disabilities, or scars, or any one thing that your body has endured, know that it too, is a learning experience and needs to be looked at as such, do the best you can with it. Learn from it, teach what you know about it, give other’s a chance to learn from you. If for some reason you get knocked down in life, then pick yourself up dust your self off and start again by learning from the mistakes that brought you too where you are right now. We are here to learn, too blossom, to remember who we truly are.

This Earthy home is but yours for a short time, use it well, learn, act, evolve into your true nature, the spirit within, learn to let your spirit guide you, don’t get all caught up in the material side of life, yes we are to have abundance, but don’t let it rule you, take control of it. Remember the flow of life and be willing to let go of the things that no longer serve you.

The vail is being lifted, you are coming into your own sub-consciousness, learning how to fly in other words. Embrace it, let it happen, it is a beautiful thing. We dare you to become all that you can become, we expect you to learn to experience life as it should be, without fear, without limitations, and without worries. Live life simply and with conviction, we dare you to dream big, and act on your dreams.

by Lynda Hartley, et al. 2012

Painting, Drawing, computer.

Facts About Elvis Presley

"When I was a child, ladies and gentlemen, I was a dreamer.
I read comic books and I was the hero of the comic book.
I saw movies and I was the hero in the movie.
So every dream that I ever dreamed has come true a hundred times.
I'd like to say that, I learned very early in life that without a song, the day would never end.
Without a song, a man ain't got a friend.
Without a song, the road would ever bend,
Without a song.
So I'll keep singin' a song".

– Elvis Presley, January 16, 1971
Memphis Municipal Auditorium
America's Jaycees
America's Ten Young Men of the Year Award.

Did You Know...

1. Did you know that in March 1956 when Elvis bought 1034 Audubon Drive, he included his parents' names on the deed?

2. Did you know that Elvis was awarded three Grammy awards in his lifetime, all for gospel music?

3. Did you know that in 1961, just five years after receiving his first gold record, and after spending two years in the Army, RCA presented Elvis with an award recognizing him for seventy-five million in sales?

4. Did you know that Elvis bought Franklin Delano Roosevelt's presidential yacht and gave it to Danny Thomas as a fundraiser for St. Jude Children Research Hospital?

5. Did you know that years after the death of Dewey Phillips, the disc jockey who first played an Elvis record in 1954, Elvis sent his widow a check for $1000 for her young boys?

6. Did you know that after Elvis sang "Teddy Bear" in the movie Loving You, he received hundreds of teddy bears which he donated to the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis?

7. Did you know that the world premier of Jailhouse Rock was at the Loew's State Theater in Memphis, the very theater where Elvis had been fired as a teenage usher?

8. Did you know that in December 1962, Elvis donated fifty thousand dollars to fifty charities?

9. Did you know that Elvis bought a house for his cook, Mary Jenkins?

10. Did you know that Elvis donated a kangaroo to the Memphis zoo?

11. Did you know that most of Elvis' acts of generosity were never public knowledge. He quietly paid hospital bills, bought houses, supported families, and paid off debts for friends, family and total strangers.

12. Did you know that Elvis donated $125,000 to the motion Picture Relief Fund, an organization which operates a home and hospital for indigent people of the film industry?

13. Did you know that Elvis recorded over 600 songs?

14. Did you know that only three years passed from the time Elvis lived in Lauderdale Courts, a federally funded housing project, until he bought his first house at 1034 Audubon Drive?

15. Did you know that Elvis removed the brick patio when he added a 600 square foot game room to the rear of 1034 Audubon Drive in December 1956?

16. Did you know that Gladys called Elvis "Son" when speaking about him to other people?

17. Did you know that the album G. I. Blues was # 1 for 10 weeks and was on the chart for 111 weeks?

18. Did you know that Elvis had 25 albums reach the top ten?

19. Did you know that Elvis traded his house on Audubon Drive and $50,000 for Graceland?

20. Did you know that according to the RIAA Elvis is the best selling solo artist in U.S. history, with a cumulative album sales total of 117.5 million.

21. Did you know Elvis has 97 Gold Records, 55 of which are Platinum and 25 have gone to multi-Platinum?

22. Did you know Elvis has more Gold and Platinum singles than any artist in history. A total of 51 Gold singles, 27 that are certified Platinum and 7 multi-Platinum?

23. Did you know that Elvis' album, Blue Hawaii was #1 on the Billboard Charts for 20 weeks and remained there for a total of 79 weeks?

24. Did you know that Aloha from Hawaii, via satellite, was seen in 40 countries by 1.5 billion people. It was seen on television by more Americans than man's first walk on the moon?

25. Did you know that from 1969-1977 Elvis performed nearly 1,100 concert tours?

26. Did you know that in 1984 Elvis received the W. C. Handy Award from the Blues Foundation in Memphis in recognition of "Keeping the Blues alive in his music."

27. Did you know that in 1984 Elvis received the first "Golden Hat Award" from the Academy of Country Music" in recognition of his influence in Country Music.

28. Did you know that Elvis' first professional performance was as opening act for Slim Whitman and Billy Walker on July 30, 1954. He sang "That's All Right" and "Blue Moon of Kentucky."

29. Did you know that on August 10th, 1954 Elvis did an unannounced performance opening for Slim Whitman and Billy Walker. This time he sang "Old Shep" and "That's When Your Heartaches Begin."

30. Did you know that Elvis headlined with Johnny Cash and The Tennessee Two on August 5, 1955.

31. Did you know that on February 28, 2004 Elvis was inducted into the West Coast Blues Hall of Fame for his contribution to the art form called blues.

32. Did you know Bill Black was born 9/17/1926 and died in 1965 and was buried next to his father in Forest Hill Cemetery, Midtown, Memphis. Bill played the "Dog House Base" and was a real showman on stage.

33. Did you know that Elvis is the only superstar to have achieved world wide fame without performing outside the United States.

34. Did you know that according to the Guinness Book of Hit Singles Elvis' music has spent more time on the UK Charts than he spent alive. To be exact 47 years and 2 months.

35. Did you know that the terms for Elvis' Las Vegas performance were scribbled in the hand of Colonel Parker on the back of a coffee- stained table cloth.

36 Did you know that on October 16, 1954 Elvis made his debut appearance on the Shreveport Louisiana Hayride..

37. Did you know that on Tuesday, April 10, 1956, on a flight to Memphis, Elvis' plane almost crashed.

38. Did you know that on April 23, 1956, Elvis appeared in the Venus Room of the Las Vegas Frontier Hotel. He was billed as the "Atomic Powered Singer."

39. Did you know that Love Me Tender premiered at the Paramount Theater in New York City on November 15, 1956.

40. Did you know that Elvis holds the record for the most top 10 pop singles, most gold and platinum awards and is the world's best-selling artist, eclipsing any other musician or group in history.

See Graceland, go to Israel, and to Ireland, Ride all the roller coasters I can. More to come as I think of them. :)

I am 69 years young, and loving being a great grandma. I love to sing, and do it for my grand-kids. I am not a pro. singer, but please enjoy my songs and watch me grow.

I love all your graphics I really do, and am so thankful that you take the time to send them to me. However, my computer just can not handle all the large ones and I have to close down and clean it out after only one visit here, so please keep the graphics down to only one at a time, and somewhat medium in size. Love you all, have a wonderful week.:) Lynda.

(NEW) Most all the songs I have featured can be found on my blog, under Hartley Sings. Go here to listen: www.britepath.wordpress.com

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Friends, I am taking some time away from my boomer to write a book, I plan to be gone for about three months, Please do not leave me post on my guest book as I will not be here to read and enjoy them. I will let you know when I have returned. Thanks for being my friends for so long. Lynda Hartley.

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Love You...

More Elvis Comments

Forgiving Without Condoning Or Forgetting

I suspect all of us have been hurt in deep and lasting ways by the words or acts of another. It's normal in such situations to feel hostility toward the person who hurt us. If we allow the offense to linger, we may carry the hurt and resentment in the form of a grudge. Usually this causes more unhappiness for us than the person we're mad at.

Some religions speak of forgiveness as a moral duty, others as a worthy virtue, and still others impose preconditions on the wrongdoer before he or she is entitled to be forgiven. Whatever your religious views, psychologists say the ability to forgive is closely correlated to happiness and mental health.

Some people refuse to even entertain the idea of forgiveness because they don't think the person they resent deserves to be forgiven. Others don't want to appear to condone or excuse the conduct and certainly don't want to reconcile with the person.

The essence of forgiveness is a voluntary decision to abandon continuing resentment, to let go of anger, and to move on. It doesn't require or imply condoning, excusing, or forgetting. Nor does it require that the forgiver re-establish a relationship with the wrongdoer.

According to Dr. Ben Dean, the capacity to forgive is related to the character strength of empathy. People who can empathize with an offender and see things from that person's perspective are much better able to forgive. He also says that the older we get, the more forgiving we're likely to become.

Hmmm. We usually get wiser, too. So maybe it's wise to forgive.

Michael Josephson


"As one participates in life there are moments where the individual feels helpless navigating through all the dramas. The spiraling effect of choices by the ego can place one in a fragile position often defined a despair.

Despair from a spiritual definition is where a consciousness chooses its self into a corner where no matter what decision is made the end result is non-movement in the soul's evolution.

This can trickle back to the linear moment as a paralysis of sorts for the soul & the linear self. The ego not sure what to decide becomes agitated with the end result negative beyond the comprehension of the physical self.

What to do?

A return to the soulful moments are imperative. By placing a value upon the energy of the self rather than the perceived actor in place there is opportunity for a renewal of energy.

It is important to stop the negative thoughts through meditation or another physical/soulful process. There are no standard processes as each of you are unique representations of your soul.

Look despair in the face & consciously decide to make different choices. It will not be easy. Many linear (inappropriate) things will fall away. The goal is to jump start the soul energy. By doing so a new creative opportunity will become available.

Let it go."


Dearest Lynda,

The angel of Love has a message for you:

Give yourself the gift of meditation.
Make it a priority receiving the best of you, not the leftovers.
Meditation is a banquet of Divine Love where you can feast on the many forms and flavors of Divinity.
We wait for you.
When will you come?
We are calling you Home through meditation.
Open your heart to receive The Presence of Divine Love.
Love is the solution to every challenge in life.
Go within now.
Don't wait another moment.
Receive the pleasure and blessing of love.







by buc

Love, Trust, Forgiveness.

On this day of love, I see a world that has forgotten that in the word love there are many things missing. Trust, forgiveness, faith, It seems to mean nothing any longer to say I love you to so many.
In war, both sides say they love God, but, they kill each other and break his commandments, they fight over a land that was given to them to share, with no fences, no boundaries, and no payments. They kill each other to claim a land that was a gift.
They have let the power of money rule them, forgetting that it is not money that builds things, but the sweat and blood of every man, woman, and child who, create, build, refine, put together everything you see. Money did not build this world, men and women did.
We are co-creators with God, the universe, higher power, or what ever people want to call their creative internal power.
Children of this Earth, come away from your false ideas, the true love you seek is within you, and it comes with TRUST, FORGIVENESS, LOVING YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF. Trusting in your own ability to create, give, build, and love is your responsibility, do not blame others for your lack of any of these.
The kingdom is within you, build it well, and it will serve you well, create, love, forgive, and except the gifts that are given to us for FREE.
Love is free, forgiveness is free, creativity is free, kindness is free, sharing your life, ideas, visions, are all free, helping your neighbor is free, excepting help from your neighbor is free, unless you make it otherwise.
So why do we love money so much, when money is not free, and cost so many lives. If you took all the money away then how would you live?
Neighbor would be helping neighbor, you would barter for the goods you need, you would go on building, creating, and maybe even loving your neighbor as you love yourself for your contribution's.
Yes, in this world today we need money, to buy the things we need, because we have forgotten. Just remember that all the money in this world will NOT buy you love.
Love is free, love is trust, love is forgiveness, love is safe, love is unconditional, and love is the freedom you seek.

by britepath (Lynda Hartley)

Time immortal.

We as humans forget who we truly are, we are a spiritual being having a human experience, but seem to forget this fact and get caught up in the drama of everyday life. We start believing at an early age that this world is our home, when in fact it is not, it is only but a stopping place in our long journey of immortal beingness. Our true home is in the vastness of space and time immortal. Enjoy your visit for you are only here for a short time then off to another space and time. To love, to dream, to become

by britepath

Just got to love that laugh.

Elvis Scaring his backup singer.

Elvis laughing in Are You Lonesome Tonight.

Elvis laughing in Datin.


Help Me.

Kindness, Gratitude, Helpfulness, Cuddling, Kissing, holding hands while walking. Saying I love you.

Jesus Christ: He died for me. so I could be free.

Rudeness, Complaining all the time, Unfairness, Disrespect, laziness,Unwilling to help.

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