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long live the republic

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a message to all freedom fighters and patriots this guy is spot on!!!!!

aloha too all. I am a constitutionalist, I believe the best way to live was how the American Indians lived, with love for their mother the earth! I also believe in the great creator. I believe we need honor, respect and love in our life. I believe there is a elite plan to dominate this planet and depopulation it.( which I will fight to the death against) I believe this our government was taken over in 1913 with the federal reserve act of 1913, and the final power grab was the cia backed coup in 1963 and 1968. I believe the races need to come together and defeat the evil doers. I believe if we get enough people to wake up that we can change this back to how it should be! the worst two things to happen to this country was banks and corporations.(wait the number one worst thing was europeans) since I became a constitutionalist I now understand the importance of following the rules. I was a product of the 70's when they feed you chemical fills snacks, brain washed you with cartoons, our moms went to work, put mercury in your teeth, injected you with vaccines fill with mercury and the complete dumbing down of education. Sad thing is it is way worse today for our children. long live the republic! must see vids - little grand mother, in lies we trust, reflection and warnings, creature from jekyll island

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