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Lillie Raintree Μολών Λaβέ

mem_normal2 OFFLINE
54 years old
Rock Spring, Georgia
United States
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STAR SIGN: Aquarius
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Scent of a woman
True Grit
Love a lot of the old black & white movies

Country, old time Rock & Roll, ELVIS!!
Loved Orion (Jimmy Ellis)
can't stand metal!! i Love good music, a lot of the older guys music best, this new country just ain't got it...Love Allen Jackson music.

The Bible. All Glenn Beck Books.

My Cat's, build things, different things i like, depends on what day it is.

I am 100% Southern,my love for God & country is top of my list, i am part Cherokee & Irish, I Love my freedom & want to keep it, like my gun's & plan on keeping them, we lose our gun's, we lose our freedom.I can not stand the trash that holds our White House,they are taking our Country down, one brick at a time...they think they have it all planed out..But we are not asleep.....NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!! I am from the South but i also love the West. I am one of twelve kids, 7 brothers & four sisters, so i had my share of fights growing up, it made me a strong person growing up in a large family. I am married with one daughter, she has two boys. My real name is Paulette & i am 5/9 140 lb's, have lived in north west Ga all my life, nothing like small towns..friend me if you like, i come from myspace so look me up, i don't get to get on here as much as i would like to but don't give up on me, i will be back as often as i can, i love to interact with my net buddies. take care & God Bless America.

Honesty!! Down to earth people. People with guts to stand up for what they beleave in no matter what & stand thier ground no matter who don't like it.

People that lie! ''Obama''& all his commie staff.

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