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Cleverly Disguised As A Responsible Adult

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Corning, California
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Thrillers, Mysteries, SCI-FI, chick flicks ,Adventures, Comedies..I should of been a movie Critic..Hey Check out an older movie called "Wide Awake" pretty cute movie. Loved "V" for Vendetta not sure why the mask freaked me out at first. Also check out "Ringers" a cool movie too. Hey, if you want to know about a movie just ask chances are I've seen it and have an opinion on it LOL. For instance, I liked Butterfly Effect not many people like it..Scarey movies there is none since Excorcist..now they just make gooey ooohy bloody movies. Cool one though that does bother me to this day is Final Destination #2, you'll never drive behind a logging truck the same way...Just a Movie Freak!!

Classic Rock, Country Western, Some Pop-No Rap, Some Hip Hop, Some Reggae a little of this and that...

Koontz, Memoirs, Medical Thrillers, True Stories, New Age,Anything Metaphysical that interest me. Nothing really heavy like Sagas or Historical novels..Currently reading "The Secret" pretty much common sense to me..Think Positive and another word for having FAITH..I will own my own house this year..You watch!!

Reading, TV, Computer, Art All mediums, Billards,Hunting(just Pheasant hunting), Fishing, Camping,Dogs, Some Karaoke, Music, Writing,Garage Saling. Making people Laugh!! Getting Funny Pictures of All walks of Life..Come On People Take Your Panty Hose Off and get to having some fun..

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Hi There I am 47yr Old Gal married to a Retired Navy Seabee-NO kids, extended family is out of the picture. I think Jesus missed parts of the South.. I have Four dogs(2 Labs, Bassethound, Terrior Mix), love to have fun, pretty blonde most of the time feel dorky all the time..Just like to laugh and not take things too seriously..Love to make friends, Love my husband to pieces got him trained the way I want so don't want to ruin a good thing..(Thank-you Barbara Woodhouse wherever you are"No Bad Dogs-Recommend!) love My family and some of Ken's and close friends, love playing pool,Love to Pheasant Hunt with my Hyper Lab(Gunner). Love to Fish ,Love to Camp (above the ground with a shower)I'm into Art Love the New age stuff beleive in a Loving God period..No Hate just Karma Bites!!Try to only put good out there but... I have a mischevious side to me at times and a twisted sense of humor at times...And believe in If you can't see the bright side of life, polish the dull side. Just want to have fun!! Come Be My Friend and Let's just have FUN!! Were Over 40 but we Ain't Dead..yet

Aries - Ruled by Mars : [ March 21 - April 20 ]
A Masculine Positive Cardinal Fire sign
Polar or Opposite sign: Libra
Colour - Shades of red
Hot and fiery, you always like to be at the head of things
Aries Traits
Positive Traits

• Adventurous and energetic
• Pioneering and courageous
• Enthusiastic and confident
• Dynamic and quick-witted

Negative Traits

• Selfish and Quick-tempered
• Foolhardy and daredevil
• Impulsive and impatient

Aries Likes: action, challenge, spontaneity, championing causes and coming in first
Aries Dislikes: waiting, tyranny, failure, lack of opposition and the advice of others

TV, Radio, CD Player, Computer, Stereo, Lights, Stove(once in awhile), Microwave(most of the time) Seriously-----, Funny People and Pet lovers people that have open minds, artsy people, kind people, sincere people..but mostly people that love to laugh and joke arounds...

Alarms, Mornings, Lights, Bad Music Stations, Guys who wear Tighty whities, Guys who wear Pink Tighty Whities, Man Panties(??) Ok, Ok,- Mean people, People who judge others without getting to know them first, very closed minded people and control freaks..Blondes or Aries tend to be a bit aloof but not always dumb

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