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Just a little longer and I'll be home !!

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El Paso, Texas
United States
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The Robe...

Toby Keith...Patsy Cline....Sarah Brightman....

Marley and Me....The Bible......

Church and high school choir accompanist ...Gardening..Fascinated with Harley Davidson motorcycles....SciFi....

I am a 53 year old, now twice married female who lives in West Texas. I am short in height, but long in loving and taking care of those who are the most important: my real family. I am in a marriage that is lifeless and full of emptiness due to the male in the relationship being a narcissist. This realization was finally made about 2 months ago. Even with his personality disorder, I am happy, because my happiness comes from knowing Yeshua and his saving mercy and grace. I have three sons from my first marriage, who are all grown, and one 17 year old stepson, who is preparing to be a senior in high school.
My music keeps me going....I sing and play any keyboard, except for a pipe organ, which I have had no training with. I have been known to cross stitch, but trifocals kind of causes crossed-eyes now when I try to work the stitches ! I am happy in my relationship with my Savior and know that whatever happens, he will work it out for my good.
I have a fantastic mom that lives in East Texas and three half brothers who are precious to me.
God is good.....All the time !

Beautiful tatoos....Long, well kept hair on gentlemen....hairy chests....People not afraid of being real.....Harley Davidson motorcycles...The smell of the earth after it rains....

Narcissists (I'm married to one)....rude, vulgar mouthed teenagers....Liars.....rude servers in restaurants....

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