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ok I guess we can call this summer now : - )

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66 years old
Brookhaven, New York
United States
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most recently: Eastern Promises, Wristcutters.

Mostly everything - classic rock, 70's and 80's, The Fray, Clapton, Sting, CCR, The Dead, Neil Young,Moody Blues, Green Day, Dido, The Killers, many more....

Mostly everything - EXCEPT really-light-to-the-point-of-ridiculous romance - yuck.

Horseback riding. Reading. Writing. Playing the guitar. Walking on the beach. Gardening.

I love the ocean and the full moon; sunshine in winter and rain in summer.

I am slow to open up but loyal forever after. A true Hopeful Romantic.

I am easy to get along with and never stay mad, but I sometimes get stressed when I am close to a deadline or impatient with co-workers who are not as resourceful as I am. Never late without a call and a good reason, and lateness in others annoys me. I am dependable and honest to a fault and expect the same from others. I love the challenge of solving a sticky problem, I rarely if ever give up.

I grew up here on Long Island, NY. After college (BS Biology)I spent 8 years in the Navy (saw the world! Bermuda......Wales), did my graduate studies (Oceanography/Meteorology), then lived in Greece for 18 1/2 years teaching English as a foreign language and coaching equitation before moving back to LI in 2005. I live about 5 minutes walk from the water. In addition to my day job, I am Secretary/Asst Treasurer for the Fire District and a Director of the local Chamber of Commerce.

I look forward to meeting some new friends here - drop me a line!

Honesty, integrity, education (including Life Experience). Purpose. Someone who looks me in the eye.

Long hair. Short hair. No hair. Tasteful tattoos (I have a small one). People who play music. Nice hands.

Being near the water or just out in the great outdoors, and someone to share the view.

Over-inflated ego. Ignorance and closed-mindedness. Bad teeth or BO.

Cell phone conversations in public places. Lack of respect for our world and others in it. Hummers.

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