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11/25/2022 19:01:16


11/25/2022 18:50:28


11/25/2022 14:29:36

After a hard week of work, it's time... relax and enjoy,

a nice weekend, take care, kisses Maria


11/25/2022 13:02:01

Here's to the weekends I'll always remember 

with friends, I'll never forget.

‘Chin chin’:-)

The word of the day is


11/25/2022 11:01:03

11/25/2022 10:44:49

Have a beautiful weekend my sweet friend. Blessings, love and smiles to you, take care.

11/25/2022 06:44:15


May your friday be beautiful , peaceful , happy , healthy, abundant & filled with love . ❤️

Have a good weekend

11/25/2022 02:02:29

11/24/2022 18:01:14

11/24/2022 13:29:54

11/24/2022 13:15:30

Hello, have a nice Thursday, happy, full of peace

and happiness,

take care, kisses, maria

11/24/2022 10:48:19

11/24/2022 10:03:33



11/24/2022 09:51:48

11/24/2022 09:49:38

my daughter and i wish everyone a blessing god blessing thanksgiving.

Enjoy the Blessings of the Holiday Thanksgiving Card

11/24/2022 07:43:06

Let Each Day be a Thanksgiving.

Let each day be a thanksgiving.

Each November, the United States celebrates a national day of Thanksgiving. It is my personal favorite holiday, and the one with which I most identify.

Gratitude is one of the values I hold most dear, each and every day, so I particularly appreciate having one day each year when gratitude and giving thanks are publicly recognized.

But rather than expressing gratitude once a year, let each day be a thanksgiving - a day of profound gratitude for all of life.

Why not take time today to celebrate your gratitude.

Make a gratitude list today. Consider beginning a Gratitude Journal and making an entry in that journal every day. My gratitude list begins with the gift of my own life, my being. I then add my health, my friends and family, and ... the list gets very long.

What is on your of gratitude list?

Celebrate your gratitude today... Form a circle and hold hands with friends and family. Raise a plate of food with outstretched fingers and offer thanks to Spirit. Place a candle and special remembrances on a table and offer thanks for those who have gone before. Let Spirit guide the form of your celebration today.
In a world where so many are hungry,
may we eat this food with humble hearts;
in a world where so many are lonely,
May we share this friendship with joyful hearts.
- Anonymous

As we join hands in fellowship
around this bountiful table,
we give thanks for the blessings of this food
and the love of these friends
as a symbol of our gratitude
for all the manifold blessings of this life.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

11/24/2022 01:43:33

11/23/2022 21:28:52

Hello My Dear Friend
If You Celebrate Thanksgiving
I Wishing You A Blessed One...
Enjoy Your Day With The Ones You Love
Always With Love,
Silver Dreams~

11/23/2022 19:52:53

Love by the jukebox light, secrets whispered in the night 

Two chocolate malts, a dreamy waltz for 2


Happy National Jukebox Day everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving America:)


11/23/2022 18:10:40

11/23/2022 16:53:31

11/23/2022 16:12:50

11/23/2022 14:50:03

11/23/2022 13:13:13

Hello friend, have a good Wednesday, how, you,

you wish,full of happiness, take care,


11/23/2022 12:56:43



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